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On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here are excerpts of those comments:Re: Double the garbage picked up on I-70Now I suppose you are going to blame it on the Californians, who have fled the chaos of one-person-per-minute growth rate. Oh, go ahead, we suffer from the Rodney Dangerfield syndrome – nobody respects us. If we say too many illegals are destroying our state, we are bigots. If we leave and move to Colorado, we’re slobs.Re: A lonely bid to save a clockSave the tower!Re: Fix I-70? Not so fastWhat causes most of the delays and traffic are the idiots that cause accidents. Why not be more active in slowing people down and preventing stupid driving?Re: Skiers in Silverton area accused of trespassingFrom the article on Silverton and Jim Jackson: “Up to 80 guided skiers and snowboarders per day are permitted to devour the area’s powder-choked chutes and bowls, all nestled above the former mining town of Silverton. But it has also broken the rights of an Aspen landowner, as most of these guests trespass on private property. ” I hope that you clowns get sued for printing such libelous crap. Most of the guests do not cross Jackson’s property and the Silverton guides and clients go to great lengths to stay off his land.Re: Rape suspect held under heavy securitySeems to me the 13-year-old’s case is the one that’s got problems -13 year olds are not adults, and to send one up for life is plain wrong.Re: Letters to the editorMadison Snyder’s letter on our schools is chilling but true. She must also consider that without the current system the country would be without the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. John Zitzelberger, colonel, USA, ret.Re: Misplaced outrageKissing Friedman’s …, showing your true colors.Re: One killed in A-Basin slideDoes one wonder if the ski patrol was around to secure this slope or were the conditions safe to ski this double black diamond run and then it slid?Re: Visa change could help local businesses”Obtaining an H-B2 visa for one worker can costs about $2,000 in fees and other expenses, such as first advertising the position in attempt to attract American workers.” Wonder how many American employees Gilman would get if he offered that $2,000, cash up front, to them? An opening job bonus, so to speak.Re: A.C. Money gets Kool in the mountainsI went to A.C.’s concerts here in Vail. They were cool. The DJ Kool concert was a mishap, but the Mr. Cheeks’ concert was off the hook. Girls were dancing topless and showing their panties. Guys were getting phone numbers. It was a classic scene like from a BET or MTV music video. I got the opportunity to meet A.C. Money backstage. He is down to earth and not stuck up like other rich guys in hip hop. He is straight up and treats everybody fairly. He even gave me tickets to his Snoop Dogg concert in Las Vegas. I went and it was a blast. I think he was secretly behind bringing Snoop Dogg to Vail again this year. He told me that he is semi-retired from concerts, but owns several other businesses and still has a big time record label. I read in a few online forums that he is affiliated with Cash Money Records. His only site I could find so far is A-North-Star.com. Apparently he is into big business and white collar stuff. I am definitely a fan as you can see.Re: Speeding is risky behaviorOh please. What in the world are you doing taking your evening walk on a public street with car traffic? And here’s a politically incorrect view: How about controlling our kids so they don’t end up under the wheels of some car? Slow driving is NOT always safe driving. This is a fact. Driver education is desperately needed, as most of the SUV owners are unable to adequately handle their 3-ton vehicles in an emergency situation, but that’s not a popular view, either. We all have seen them upside down along I-70 and U.S. 6. How about we have vehicle safety inspections that could ensure that those 20-year-old trucks actually have brakes that work properly? Oh, and Mr. Sheriff, what percentage exactly of your department revenue comes from writing speeding tickets? I’ll keep my radar detector ON. Thank you.Re: TipslineRe: “I just want to know to the people who are out there providing these things to kids, what are you thinking? What are you thinking?” They are thinking about the money, about the money. Most of the drugs come across the border. Listen sometime to the Spanish songs they play in our high schools here. They sing about the drugs they bring across the border for the money and about the Stupid Gringos That Buy Them, honest.Re: Letters to the editorJust had to comment quickly on Terry Quinn’s letter to the editor regarding “intelligent design.” He writes, “To get a balanced view of the pros and cons, go to a search engine like Google and type in “intelligent design theory.” There’s only one problem with this, ANYONE can post online. There are no rules that information must be edited, and very little of the stuff online is peer-reviewed, meaning that along with some legitimate information is a bunch of stuff that’s not very true at all. If we only relied on the Internet to find objective information, we might start to believe that the moon landing was a hoax staged in Utah and that the Holocaust never happened. Trying to find the objective truth (assuming that the objective truth exists) is difficult. We have to remember that all information is subjective to some degree, but that there are definitely some things that are truer than others and we must carefully evaluate information from a variety of reputable sources (peer-reviewed journals, books that have been edited by universities or other professional organizations, etc.) and try not to impose our own subjective beliefs on the information we find. Good luck!Open space in Eagle County is only important near I-70Don Rogers, you starry-eyed dreamer! Open-ended calculations with regard to remaining privately held open space and bonding are silly. People are only interested in preserving space that they can see from their car driving on I-70. There will never be a Bair Ranch-like deal for land near McCoy. People can’t see it from I-70, so it ain’t important.Re: We need an energy policy nowButch I find your comment about ANWR offensive. You say that it is not a pristine wilderness, but that it is Alaskan tundra. What is your definition of wilderness? Is the top of Eagle’s Nest and Holy Cross Wilderness just Colorado granite? The costal plain of ANWR is a thriving wilderness in every sense of the word. That type of wilderness is more susceptible to … man-made damage that any other type. It’s obvious that you don’t know a … thing about ANWR, or wilderness. You should write about things you know a little bit about. By the way, when the Republicans are in power the environment goes to hell and the corporation and the Republicans get richer. You must be a Republican.Re: Ranch supporters won’t seek GOCO moneyNice spin by the foundation on why they didn’t go for the GOCO funds for the Eaton parcel. They knew that they were going to be turned down and wanted to avoid the embarrassment. They knew that their private fund-raising efforts would be hurt when they were turned down by a generous statewide body. Hell, GOCO gave a million bucks on the stupid Bair Ranch deal. I applaud GOCO and Joan Harned for being against this sprawl-producing effort. At least the truth is finally coming out that the purchase price is just the beginning of the wasteful spending on this deal. …Re: Too close to homeSur 13, the Thirteeners (juvenile versions, not in a federal prison yet, Mini-Me MS 1s) are playing with fire, and by ignoring it, so are WE! Are we going to keep it up or demand it be stopped here? Sur 13s are bad news, folks.Vail, Colorado

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