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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Endorsement for school districtHere’s evidence that the public believes the Eagle County School District is off track: Not enough people are running for school board positions to have an election because the involved and concerned parents have already left the district. How about this one: No one is running because repeatedly banging one’s head against a brick wall does nothing. Or this one: The TAP program woes indicate severe system distress. Focusing on the TAP program distracts parents from the reality of what is happening to the kids. School boards around the state and country are ineffective and puppets of larger political interests. Do not run because one person cannot help a sinking ship. Don Rogers, your use of illogical statements amuses me. I am glad you approve of the school system. By the way, your bias is showing.Re: ‘If you don’t smoke, don’t come in’Well here is how I see as a bar and restaurant owner that has had deal with this issue. First the anxiety one has over the issue is directly related to the perception that he will lose business if the place is made nonsmoking, I understand that, but it’s just a perception, not reality. Smokers are 25 percent of our population, but 95 percent of the voices heard on this issue. … My sales were not hurt by going non-smoking, even though all the smokers said I would suffer huge losses of customers. The opposite occurred. Our sales went up. Customers daily tell me how nice it is to be able to come in not smell like smoke after they leave. When is the last time a smoker has told you that the really appreciate the smell of a fresh non-smoky atmosphere? Just do it and move on. It is inevitable, anyways, so might as well embrace and take in the extra sales. Gregg Schillinger, owner, Paddy’s Bar & Grill, Portland, Ore.Re: Oh it’s such a hard life hereMaybe people moved here, Don Rogers, so they could live a quiet country-type life where all they HAD to worry about was dog poop and speeders on Highway 6. Maybe we are being forced to deal with traffic, water shortages, eminent domain, seven commissioners, big box stores, neighbors with fences everywhere. Big city problems with county commissioners who have their own agendas and lapdog friends in office dealing with the erosion of our rights as citizens, the right to smoke, the right to ride a four-wheeler in the forest, the right to bring a camper up the BLM roads which have been classified now as “non-motorized.”Maybe, just maybe, we are here because we did not WANT to deal with big city costly issues such as Denver, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago have. Maybe we liked discussing our “big” little problems of flags, bicyclists, and normal resident issues. …Vail, Colorado

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