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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here are excerpts of those comments:Re: Home ruleThis story about home rule is really putting the cart before the horse. The very first thing the voters must decide is if they want to form a commission to write a charter. If 50 percent of the voters in November do not want to spend tens of thousands of dollars to write a charter, then it does not matter who runs for the charter commission. Wake up, Eagle County! Do you want a home rule charter that might give us five county commissioners, with no term limits on commissioners, and pay them $100,000 each? If it is not broke don’t try to fix it. There is a reason that only two of Colorado’s 64 counties have changed to home rule.Editor’s note: The election question to whether to write a new charter for the county, which would be subject to an election for approval. The pay and curren term limits are highly unlikely to change, although the number of county commissioners would if the voters approved first of forming a commisison to write the charter and than approved the final version.Re: Home ruleScott Miller is the worst reporter. You would think that home rule is only about going from three to five commissioners from his worthless story. Runyon has stated many times that he wants more than three commissioners so that he can have secret meetings with another commis sioner legally. Where were you, Scott? This could cost an extra $250,000 per year. What programs will be cut to pay for these additional expenses? … Don’t be so lazy, Scott, and find out the rest of the story.Re: CourageJust read that Kuwaiti is sending aid to New Orleans, as thanks for the outcome of the Gulf War and our effort to help them. That deserves a little more press than the complaining and finger pointing of the NAACP.Re: Vail cop in S’thorneI worked with Joe Russell for 17 years and I feel he will do a wonderful job for the community of Silverthorne. He is a great police officer and a fine gentleman. He has a great family and I hope he enjoys the new adventures facing him in Silverthorne.Re: Tipsline, Use the freeway As this one post stated, “Highway 6 (is) a 55 speed limit.” In many places it is. So why so so many drivers fail to achieve this modest speed? I frequently find myself stuck behind drivers who arrogantly presume they have the right to slow all traffic to 40 or 50 mph.We’re not asking for I-70 speeds on Route 6. Just do the posted limit. …Vail, Colorado

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