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On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here are excerpts of those comments:Re: Conference center tax hike heads to ballotHey! Left-winger Rob Levine publicly agreeing with alleged conservative right-winger Michael Cacioppo about the conference center decision in Vail. Which one of these two guys bumped their head before that meeting? Let them both pay for Vail’s conference center! It’s getting so you can’t count on anybody, anymore, these days.Re: Church nixes Cindy Sheehan’s visitThe minister should have told the church he wanted to do this and then the WHOLE church – not just a liberal few – could have decided whether or not she could speak there. That was a bone-headed move on his part. BTW, it doesn’t take any “conviction” to let a flake in your pulpit, just stupidity.Re: Church nixes Cindy Sheehan’s visitIf the mainstream media published or showed all of what Cindy Sheehan has said – she calls the terrorists in Iraq freedom fighters and all the nasty lies she has called the president. That woman is not grieving. She is a scheming activist with an agenda long before her volunteer son gave his life in the service of his country.Re: A butterfly changes everythingDon Rogers seems to have joined the ranks as a Bush hater. The New Orleans mayor and the governor of Louisiana have a lot of explaining to do. Neither of them seem to know what an emergency plan is. All they and people like Rogers can do is complain about the federal government. The rampant entitlement mentality in the South is too much to handle.Re: Church nixes Cindy Sheehan’s visitAs a former U.S Army Ranger (3/75th 83-87), I can say that there is no more despicable act than using the death of our soldiers as political currency to promote one’s own personal agenda.When I spoke with my Ranger buddies about what we did and why, it was clear that we all had our own personal reasons for joining the Rangers. Once there, we stayed mainly for the camaraderie, challenge and for each other. So when any civilian or politician claims that they want the war to end because they do not want anymore soldiers dying, I say this: We did not join the Rangers for you, we do not fight for you, and you do not represent us. So do everyone a favor. Stop using our lives and deaths as an excuse to promote your pathetic agendas, you repulsive opportunists.Re: Church nixes Cindy Sheehan’s visitWhat a shame. A grieving mother not welcome in a church. A difference of opinion not welcome in a democracy. A church without the courage to face the times and the issues. I’m not religious, but I’ll pray that these Christians have more compassion and more courage.Re.: Building banRunyon and Menconi don’t want public comment on the moratorium. They just want to reverse growth in Eagle County and ruin our economy. The Gulf Coast has Katrina to deal with, and we have two nutty commissioners. We need to send those two to New Orleans. They would get along well with the whining mayor.Re: Building ban talk concerns tradesmanLet these tradesman take their dirty, smelly, noisy diesel pickups to the gulf coast, they need homes built much more than we do. These oversize homes built here are usually empty, thus wasting natural resources that are much more needed elsewhere than here.Re: Costas says ‘No’This is in response to the person that thinks Bob Costas should be ashamed for refusing to interview those involved in the Natalee Holloway story. First of all, Natalee Holloway is NOT news. Although her story is tragic it does not qualify as news. Her story has no effect on anyone outside of Aruba and her hometown in Alabama. Unfortunately, 24-hour news channels do not have 24 hours worth of news. On slow news days they look for anything to be a news story such as O.J. Simpson and Laci Petersen. Stories like those are good for ratings but not for our benefit. Bob Costas is considered one of the best interviewers of our time and his decision to not cover the latest gossip on Natalee was the correct decision. Bob Costas will not stoop to tabloid journalism tactics. I can guarantee that Walter Cronkite wouldn’t even mention Natalee Holloway’s name on his broadcast, for he too knew the difference between tabloid journalism and news. One last point, do you think any of us would know about Natalee Holloway had she been murdered the day after Hurricane Katrina? Now do you get it?Vail, Colorado

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