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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: A Wolcott surpriseI enjoyed Dick Hauserman’s Sept. 5 article on the history of Wolcott, until I got to the end of the article. That’s where, when referring to Magnus Lindholm, owner of a ranch west of Wolcott, he took pains to criticize Lindholm’s (actually, his Traer Creek development company) for bringing the Wal-Mart and Home Depot “boxes” to Avon. (What that has to do with Wolcott’s history, I don’t know.)Let me illuminate something for Hauserman: Before Lindholm entered the picture, there already was a smaller scale Wal-Mart store in Avon – with which Lindholm then no connection. Because Wal-Mart wanted to replace the small store with its new “Supercenter” version, and because there was no suitable location for such a store in Avon, it was preparing to abandon the store in Avon altogether. The effect on Avon’s tax revenues would have been devastating. No doubt the town might well have been faced with bankruptcy, defaulting on its bonds, and precluding it from finding financing for any capital projects for years to come. And the faded old Wal-Mart would have been the epicenter of urban blight.Instead, there was the Village at Avon, a planned unit development in unincorporated Eagle County, right next to Avon’s abandoned airport site. … It was the town’s request to annex the Village at Avon. … It wasn’t foisted on the town. It was desired by town. And it was a smart idea. … The town stipulated in the annexation agreement that Traer Creek would have to make up any shortfall in retail sales tax revenues on the old, closed Wal-mart store for decades. … As for Hauserman denigrating the Wal-Mart Supercenter and Home Depot building built by Traer Creek as “boxes,” let me point out that those boxes were designed with care to help minimize their intrusion into the visual landscape. One of the world’s best-known architects designed the structures in such a way as to win a national award. Last month, the design was recognized in the nation’s leading commercial architecture magazine, Architectural Record, as one of the nation’s shining examples of redesigning big box retail outlets to help them blend into their environment. …Re: Letters to the editorTavius Sims must be from another planet from the way he writes. He must not know about the global war against terror. He must not know that the mayor of New Orleans and the governor are really to blame for many of those people dying since they refused to mandate the evacuation. He must not know that the president is attempting to stop the mayor from doing yet one more stupid move as the mayor wants to move thousands of people back into the city. Houston, Tavius has a problem with the truth.Re: Josh Malay: Unstoppable spiritYo! What up, homie. Every time i click in, I click in with you! JeremyRe: County schools slip on U.S. standardsYou have got to be kidding. Eagle Valley High School is celebrating because they managed to test all of their students? Battle Mountain High School floundered because they had not one, or two, but THREE principals in one year? I wonder why our district is experiencing an exodus of principals? Maybe we could tap into some data about that. I just visited the Colorado Department of Education’s Web site. In order to make AYP a school must meet targets in three separate areas. First, 95 percent of all students must be tested. Second, students must meet math and reading goals, which are as follows: elementary level 77 percent proficient in reading and 76 percent proficient in math; middle school level 74 percent proficient in reading and 60 percent proficient in math; high school level, 80 percent proficient in reading and 47 percent proficient in math. According to the Colorado Department of Education, “partially proficient” students are included in this calculation, as well (why are they calling them proficient then?). You can decide for yourself how well you think our kids are doing, and I encourage you to read the data for yourself that can be found on the CDE Web site. Maybe ECSD administrators should visit two districts in our state that refuse to make any more excuses. Fountain Fort Carson has a huge problem with students moving in and out, due to the military base found there. Pueblo 60 has a gigantic Hispanic/second-language population and are making incredible progress.Re: Ski pass price increase irks seniorsI’m currently 60 years old and I cannot understand the mindset that says people over 70 should ski for free. Why? They don’t get discounts at the gas pump, the grocery store, on airfare or anything else. In fact most people over 70 have more money than a younger person who has a mortgage, a family to support, kids to put through college and huge debt compared to people over 70 who for the most part have no mortgage, little health insurance costs thanks to Medicare, and kids to put through college, etc. If anyone needs a discount it’s the younger family man, not a senior. This area is still one of the cheapest places in the world to ski and has some of the lowest cost season passes anywhere.Re: Letters to the editorWho’s this Michael Cacioppo guy anyway? “Being disrespectful to the (Vail) Town Council” and “insulting some council members”? Hmmm? From what I’ve read about them they seem to deserve it. I think I would really LIKE this Cacioppo guy!Vail, Colorado

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