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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Proposed laws frame immigration fightSupport for an amnesty bill is also a vote for mass immigration. We are having a hard enough time trying to play social and economic catch-up in our own communities without the need for another wave of self described immigrants looking for a pre disposed better way of life. Re: County schools slip on U.S. standards”The Eagle County School District has dedicated itself to a bold and essential goal: We will place a well-trained and well-prepared teacher in front of every student, every day.Even as we make this promise, we acknowledge that goals are all well and good but that the measure of our schools is not in our aim but rather in our actuality …” Eagle County School Board commentary found in the Vail Daily.Well, I see the TAP program is not working very well. This is year four of implementation and the only people pleased with this program seem to be the school board members and John Brendza. If this program was going to work, it would have shown results by now. As I see it we have lost over 250 teachers in the past four years, most of the principals; four of our schools have not made Adequate Yearly Progress; and our district as a whole has not met AYP for the second straight year. It’s time to put our district out of distress and start from scratch designing a performance pay plan that suits our district, as well as revamping the entire curriculum to suite our changing demographics. And while we’re at it, designing schools of choice for the parents, not the administrators.Re: Letters to the editorSo let me get this straight. If I am poor and pay no taxes, then I should expect the government to provide for me. But if I work, make money and pay taxes, then I can expect nothing from the government.Re: Lakota SiouxBernard was and is a great inspiration! They said we were 25 years ahead of our time. Maybe now is the time. He will be missed but never forgotten!Vail, Colorado

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