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On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.We print excerpts of those comments:Re: Investor mistakes and their remediesWhat a ridiculous article! Long-term buy-and-hold investing is extremely high risk. Trading and timing markets is a means of reducing risk and increasing return. The writer has it backwards! The LONGER you hold an investment the GREATER the risk. It is a simple truth that those who cannot time or trade successfully simply deny! I will debate anyone on this issue. Better yet, I’m willing to do a public challenge to anyone for any amount of money that I can outperform their buy and hope strategy with my timing strategy, both on a RISK and RETURN basis. If you want to take a PUBLIC challenge for ANY dollar amount ($1,000, $100,000, more), I’m ready! Put your money where you claim is or shut up!Re: Devils get their dueIt’s about time the Vail Daily recognized the graduates, not all, but some from Eagle Valley High School. Yes, you did cover their graduation day last weekend. But other then that little to none. All the graduates deserved more. So much more.Editor’s note: The reader appears to have missed the 12 to 16 pages a day for two weeks devoted exclusively to the seniors from each high school in the valley. Who covers them more?Re: Letters to the editorMadison Snyder’s letter to the editor rings so true. There is no substitute for learning the basics, learning to problem solve, being held accountable, and doing the next right thing. Too often educators, parents and well-meaning people give way to the easier, softer way. There is always a price to be paid! Ben Rader, Minturn and Granville, Ohio.Re: Lionshead a big stage for disaster exerciseThis exercise was probably one of the most amazing acts of team work that I have had the pleasure of being part of. I was operating the 65-ton Liebherr crane, that came from PSI Crane & Rigging in Glenwood Springs that was assisting the rescue crews. It was a very enjoyable and learning experience. Thanks to all the Colorado Task Force members and local fire departments. Jamie Bowell.Re: TipslineI would like to know who approved the selling of Mountain Glen Village Apartments in Gypsum to an investor in Florida and allowing them to turn them into condos? At one time the apartments were at capacity (72 families) and now we are basically being “kicked out” unless we buy our apartment “as is.” Where would Eagle County like these families to go? Most of us live who there make too much money to move to the apartments of Holy Cross or Eagle Villas, however, don’t make enough to purchase a home in the Eagle Valley. We received certified letters on May 5 that notified us of the selling of the apartments and gave us a whopping 15 days to make a decision that will affect our lives. I really wish someone would have put some thought into the selling of the apartments before it was approved. Once again, no one looks out for the “working class families” in the valley.Re: You’ll feel the powder in your throat …Bulgaria, my …. Stop using Bulgaria as a faraway place you don’t know … about. Plus Victoria was never here and all that duck tape … is ridiculous.Re: TipslineLook to the Gypsum town leadership. It is all about the money, families be darned.Vail, Colorado

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