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On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Building restrictions don’t thrill plannersMenconi and Runyon have made up their minds, as usual, in advance. They don’t care to be confused with the facts that we don’t want or need a moratorium. They don’t listen to anyone who disagrees with them. The last rewrite of the land use regulations took years. There is no way that they can do it in nine months. This first nine months is only a beginning. They want to ruin a good economy for no reason.Re: County schools slip on U.S. standardsI would challenge any parent to ask their BMHS student if they took their CSAP tests seriously. As a test proctor I have witnessed our best and brightest students randomly checking off answer boxes to be done with the test as soon as possible. Who can blame them? We are testing them to death and they are sick of it. Wht do you think this does to test scores?Re: Proposed laws frame immigration fightOne of the major problems I see is with the agricultural industry. They want the cheap labor, but they don’t want to be responsible for the workers’ health and well being and ultimately their future. A true guest worker program in agriculture should only last a couple of years. Most of the time the workers leave without warning and head for the cities for more money and opportunities. When that happens, they become a social and economic burden to American communities. Then the farmers complain about not having enough labor and blame it on America’s immigration policies. A true guest worker program is not a path for citizenship, and the employer should be made fully responsible for their housing and medical care. These workers should also be enrolled in study programs in their own language to learn new skills for their own communities to benefit when they return home.One of the biggest turn-offs from these so-called immigration attorneys about immigration reform is that they never mention the steps needed to improve the quality of life of the migrant countries and how to create viable programs those governments can participate in. Instead they complain about the hostile immigration policies of America and turn it into a racial issue. Migrant workers, illegal or otherwise need to be educated, and immigration reforms need to be addressed on both sides of the border and not just one. Migrant guest workers should be required to learn a new skill to take back home with them and matched with a waiting job to support their future. Until this issue is addressed the poverty mill and corruption in Mexico and other Latin American countries will continue. Re: Proposed laws frame immigration fightThe market has an incredible way of taking care of itself. So what if I have to pay an extra dollar for my lettuce? That’s pennies compared to what we taxpaying Americans are paying to keep these people here. Education has gone down the drain because of communication issues and sheer number of offspring. Hospitals are closing. Insurance premiums are through the roof. We will never get ahead in this country by subsidizing our labor. The next few years is going to be very interesting from a political standpoint. Politicians smell blood in the water. With the current illegal immigrant and border situation in the U.S. it’s only a matter of time that one of these politicians put this issue in their presidential basket. I think that it’s becoming more and more evident, regardless of political title, that Americans feel Bush and others have sold us to Mexico. Simply put. My next presidential vote goes to the candidate that truly takes care of our border issues. Stops pandering to the corrupt Mexican government, and addresses this issue head on. And with fear of lightning striking me now, I would even vote for Hilary. Scary it’s come to this. My name is Mike.Re: TipslineI live on the Eagle-Vail Golf Course and I think it is a shame they have implemented a “no tolerance,” “no trespassing” policy. Most of us here in the valley live here because of the beauty and friendliness of a small community. To start to harass people when there is no cause is something this valley is not about. The Eagle-Vail Golf Course is a beautiful and challenging course to play. Do they really want the reputation of being an unfriendly place to be? Policies like this are felt by everyone, not just those with property on the golf course.I am the president of an homeowners association and we too can implement a “no tolerance,” “no trespassing” policy. For the time being we have decided to continue to be friendly to the golfers that drive on our property, break our windows and nearly kill us on our decks because we feel it is more important to enjoy our neighbors and our lovely, friendly community. We hope not to have to stoop to taking pictures of trespassers, submitting bills to those actually responsible, etc.Re: End of the empireMr. Zalaznick, I can’t even read your entire articles anymore. The Bush-whacking got old about 20 articles ago. How about something fresh for a change? At least Mr. Carnes, even though he can’t resist dedicating one sentence to Christian-bashing in each of his articles all the while proudly proclaiming he never dwells on the same topic more than once, is making great strides in reducing his focus on one particular subject matter.Perhaps if you didn’t try to blame Bush for everything bad in this country you would be more credible. And some actually think that Michael Cacioppo is the one spreading negativity! I guess that’s just the way liberals think. Re. Vail bank robbersI’m an Australian, I’m in Sydney right now and I’m embarrassed that those two who should forever after be known as Dumb and Dumber have committed a crime in your country. It’s tough to explain but I suppose outright stupidity is a good place to start. Australians are normally NOT like that criminal pair, although one of them is a New Zealander.All I can do is apologize on behalf of all Australians.Robert DelphionVail, ColoradoVail, Colorado

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