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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Letters to the editor. Who’s this Michael Cacioppo guy anyway? This “Mike Cacioppo” is a long-time valley resident who cares about the little guy, aka, the local taxpayer. Many of us here like him a lot. He is quite the (very nice) guy.MartyRe: Moratorium on actionRunyon said he was for managed growth in his campaign. Just goes to show you that you can’t trust a politician. He wants to put up gates on both ends of the county and not let anymore regular working folks in. Why did we believe him? …Re: Heavens openDear Mr Rogers: Nice job. Your editorial brought me right back to that magical evening complete with, what sounds like, the same emotional moments you had. Talk about two quiet giants. You can see why they’ve remained life long friends.I’m Dave’s brother-in-law and had the privilege of escorting his mother out there from Fargo, N.D. Now here’s a special lady. Kind, energetic, non-judgmental with a fabulous sense of humor. A key to longevity, perhaps? Sort of like Dave’s sister (my wife, who was in Italy on a long planned trip) and brother. Wonder where they got that?It was the second time that I’ve been able to spend some one on one time with Phil. Interesting man, as you noticed. Intellectual, perhaps a tad shy and as deep as they come. He’s also just an ordinary guy, with a compassion for others and totally unaffected by his fame. I’m thinking it’s the North Dakota in him.Thanks for covering this wonderful charitable organization.David McNairFargo, N.D.Re: Herbs touted as alternatives to pillsI enjoyed reading this article because it had to do with my field in botany and was very helpful.Re: Editor’s Blog, Translating gibberishThey don’t use English because they want to sound smarter than they really are.Re: Moratorium on actionThis moratorium is about as stupid as the home rule idea. Who in the world thinks that more commissioners like Menconi and Runyon is a good idea? Who wants to pay for more politicians to make dumb decisions. Vote NO on the moratorium! Vote NO on home rule!Re: The FantasticksThank you for writing such a FANTASTICK piece. We all appreciate what you have done. It’s nice to get such support from the community. Again, thank you on behalf of the company. Robert WagnerRe: Wisdom from the WebHorse poop anyone? With all the hoopla about dog poop, let’s talk about HORSE POOP on the trails. I would much rather see a tiny dog poop than have to walk off the trail to avoid a big stinky pile of horse dung. Why don’t horse owners have to pick up after the horses? Not to mention the stink stays with you for a half mile after you pass the rotten pile of %#^*. Fair is fair.Re: Woman still missing in Holy CrossWho leaves their friend alone on a hike in a forest?Re: Chicken Little busy crying wolfCarnes did not say Rita was steer guano, he said the sensationalism from the media CONCERNING the storm was. You should really read before flaming. Also, where in the world did you get your “3 million” figure for evacuating? Actual numbers from FEMA vary around the 100,000 range. Look it up.Re: Born in the Big EasyHello from Houma, Louisiana, in Terrebonne parish, recently flooded from Ms. Rita. Saw some of the gang off today who will be playing for you. … Check out the CD “Voice of the Wetlands” released this week, worth a little of your time. Thanks for your support. Enjoy our gifts to you.Re: Hiker missing on Holy CrossI found this to be the most informational article that I have read about Michelle missing. Reading articles and watch the news, this is the one with the most information, and have collectively written all information. This is also the most up to date article too. Thank youRe: Sharing the road requires mutual respectI live in one of the most crowded, polluted cities on the planet – Shanghai, China. The roads in China are chaos as widespread use of automobiles is still relatively new – the past 20 years or so. There are tons of bikes, scooters, carts and pedestrians that compete for space on the roads with cars. There is in China a tremendous lack of consideration, courtesy, and cognizance of safety on their roads. The valley drivers who find it difficult to share the road with the comparatively few bikes that come out every summer have no perspective. For me, those colorful, fit bicyclists are as welcome a site when I visit every summer as the wildflowers. They are part of the personality of the valley. Residents of the valley, bicyclists or not, should not let those few malcontents who don’t want to share the road define the valley’s personality. Because if we let the valley become a place where bicyclists aren’t welcome, what is next to disappear; friendliness and courtesy? In that case, we could be anyplace, anywhere. There are more than enough places like that already. Don’t let that be here.Re: NHL’s Panthers visit Vail ValleyGreat story. How exciting to host a NHL team in Vail!Re: An amenity, as opposed to boring stuffMenconi would rather waste money on open space in Edwards than invest it in a building that will be used. He will do anything he can to kill the new fairgrounds pavilion. If only Harry Frampton wanted the building, it would be built tomorrow.Re: Dogs on the looseI would like to remind people that there are very good reasons for the leash law. And thank you so much for pointing out what the law is. So many people think the leash law means voice control. It does not. It means on a leash. Old people do not have the same reflexes as young people. What might seem to be “normal non-aggressive behavior” to the average youngster around here is dangerous for some old people who are not used to being around dogs. They should not have to adjust to illegal behavior.Dogs jumping on people, which I have been subjected to numerous times, with the comment, “Oh my dog is friendly,” is not acceptable. Old people, other dogs, and some children may be very scared, knocked off balance and suffer severe injury, or the case of other dogs, react in an aggressive manner. There are places to go with dogs not on leash. I have been told by the Eagle PD that the Eagle County Fairgrounds is an acceptable place to take dogs off leash. There is a dog park in Vail for that purpose. Perhaps dog owners who wish to have their dogs off leash should focus more on establishing acceptable dog parks than on imposing their view of the world on others who do not appreciate them violating the law. Re: Dogs on the looseI was happy to finally see an article in the Daily about dog leashing. This particular topic has been a great concern to me for a long time. I am not a dog owner, but grew up with dogs and enjoyed them very much. Dogs can be wonderful companions that help with loneliness, provide unconditional love, and can even lower blood pressure! But what concerns me is the all-too-common lack of consideration for others by dog-owners who leave their dogs unleashed in parks, on recreation paths, on city streets, and even in stores and restaurants. I am also concerned about dog owners who refuse to clean up after them. …Re: Much ado about mascots at local schoolsOh, please! Let the kids have their mascots. There are so many other things to worry about. My kids are “Saints,” not something easily identified with nor easily portrayed. I often wished that we had more of a mascot for the school, but now it is a tradition and I wouldn’t dream of changing it. Never once have I seen or heard of anything that would indicate inappropriate behavior from Eagle Valley High School students because of the mascot. Go Saints! Go Huskies! Go Devils!Re: Letters to the editorRegarding the letter to the editor from Todd Rymer regarding racism. Please use percentages as well when citing numbers from the Census Bureau. 37 million Americans in poverty. 8.8 million black, 16.1 million white (or non-Hispanic whites). That means 24 percent of Americans below the poverty line are black. However, blacks only make up 13 percent of the U.S. population. That is a HUGE, glaring omission. …Vail, Colorado

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