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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Growth rules in Ski CountryYep, “open mind” as long as it is a one-track open mind with singular personal interests that is.Re: Growth rules in Ski CountryGreat comments by Matt about our two foolish commissioners and their foolish moratorium. Too bad that it was a waste of ink. They have already made up their minds, so why confuse them with the facts? I always thought that liberals had open minds. I guess that I am wrong. Re: Avon wants more ways across the tracksA pig in lipstick is still a pig. That confluence site is a bad location for development.Re: Small plane crashes on Vail PassI’m sorry it inconvenienced your life so much to have to be an hour late for work or something, but it inconvenienced my family’s life a little more when my father had to spend 11 days in a hospital bed, and now, a month and a half later still cannot walk, stand or even sit up without wearing a body brace to support his broken back from the crash. So once again, my family deeply apologizes for your devastation.Re: This game was over before it beganGo Battle Mountain skiing. Rock on, ice hockey because it is great and you have great coaches and a great rink. The reality is, the only kids that have a chance to go pro are the skiers here. …Re: Bumper crop of kidsI’m curious why Red Hill Elementary gets to add a fourth kindergarten while Brush Creek Elementary doesn’t. If that many kids are an issue at one school, that should certainly be addressed at ALL schools. Also, the district is generating a lot of additional money from the all-day program. With parents paying about $2,200 per year, this totals about $1.1 million! Come on, school district. You say you value kids, so put our money where your mouth is.Re: Letters to the editorTavius Hystericus: “If you want to understand the left, the best place to start is with an understanding of hysteria. Leading leftists either use hysteria as a political tactic or are actually hysterics. Take almost any subject the left discusses and you will find hysteria. America neglects its poor, beats up its gays, oppresses its women, fouls its environment, ignores its children’s educations, denies blacks their votes, and invades other countries for corporate profits: These are common accusations of the left. No event is free of leftist hysteria. On the third day after Katrina, civil rights activist Randall Robinson reported that blacks in New Orleans were resorting to cannibalism. Indeed, most of the news media coverage bordered on the hysterical. Not to mention the hysterical predictions of 10,000-plus dead in New Orleans … [T]he irony in all of this is that the left sees itself as the side that thinks intellectually and non-emotionally. And that is hysterical.” – Dennis PragerRe: Conference center makes senseIf Harry Frampton thinks the conference center is such a good deal, he should have raised money for it instead of a gravel pit. …Re: Authorities answer some questions about searchThis is just another example of an individual breaking rule No. 1 in mountaineering. Never go alone. Michelle’s stupidity has put hundreds at risk and cost thousands of dollars. Why doesn’t your ariticle mention this?Re: Owners’ touch: Montauk Seafood GrillHI Dimitri. Long time, no see. Congrats on your success. You always were a wonderful cook, even with a hotpot and some mac and cheese in a box. :)Yer old friend.Re: Letters to the editorJohn, I have yet to comment on any topic in the Vail Daily, but this i had to comment on. First off, why are you assuming that the left or anti-war protesters are not helping out or doing their part? Before you make such a blunt statement, maybe you must first realize that people were told not to come and help because they would just get in the way and to help and donate in other ways. Please explain such a bold statement. The only thing wrong with what happened in New Orleans was the response of the mayor and the governor and the fact that Bush placed a friend of a friend in charge of FEMA.Re: TipslineDesiel is now $3.65 in Avon. It was $2.81 in Grand Junction last week. There is market differences, and there is just plain price gouging! Time to leave Vail-Avon.Re: Subdivision ban approvedThe message sent today by Runyon and Menconi is that they don’t believe in listening to public comment. Only one of Menconi’s puppets spoke in favor of the moratorium. Forget about trying to talk to these two about anything. They have already made up their minds.Re: Letters to the editorMy only question about the conference center is if it is such a good idea that will bring more people to Vail to spend more money, increase sales taxes, fill the hotels and restaurants, why don’t the hotel owners and restaurant owners get together and build the center themselves and leave the government out of it? Tim HawkinsRe: Authorities answer some questions about searchIn response to annonymous’ comments: My definition of “stupidity” is someone who comments on information without knowing all of the facts. Several of the helicopters used in the search were privately funded. Fortunately, we realize that this is not the opinion of the majority because we have recieved an incredible amount of support from the Minturn, Vail, Eagle, Edwards, and Denver (suburbs) communities. Thank you to those communities for their continued support throughout this tragic time.- A member of the Vanek familyRe: Largest-ever search begins SaturdayAs a member of this search I would like to state that the tally of total searchers on Saturday ended up exceeding 350.Re: Subdivision ban approvedIt’s time to start talking recall for Menconi and Runyon. They have over three more years to do stupid things like this moratorium they just passed. How can it be legal for them to do this with only one public meeting? Look out, ranchers! The next thing that they will do is take away your right to build a home on 35 acres without getting their approval.Re: Subdivision ban approvedWhat a surprise, the usual rhetoric from developers and Realtors around the Valley. I, for one, commend the commissioners on the nine-month ban on subdivisions. I would vote for a five-year ban if given the choice. As a third-generation Colorado native, I have watched this state go through numerous boom and bust cycles. The Vail Valley is overbuilt already and any downturn in the national economy will hit this region harder than most. Travel and second homes are the first things that people eliminate when times get tough. All of the land developers currently spouting off about recall elections will be out of here in two seconds once the economy softens. The majority of Vail Valley residents voted for Menconi and Runyon precisely because of their stance on out-of-control development. Deal with it.Vail, Colorado

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