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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, in old fashioned print, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Letters to the editorWhy do we help? Because Americans are a generous people, generous perhaps to a fault. When Americans perceive people in need, they lend a hand, donate time and money and muster whatever resources are required to help. America even gives aid to its enemies and rebuilds countries after they’ve waged war on us and lost!However, our generosity may sometimes produce unintended consequences. Some people are perhaps offended by such charity, especially if the recipients of that charity consider America their enemy, or simply do not like us for whatever reason. Even after a recipient of our charity repeatedly spits in our face, America continues to shower them with our wealth (or rather, our government continues to shower them with collected tax revenues). In this respect Americans are naive, gullible, even a bit stupid.In the case of the Arab countries listed in Mr. Kittay’s letter, America is being outrageously stupid. We are funding the very people who seek our demise! Still, we try to curry favor with those who hate us by sending them money and aid. Apparently many Americans have never heard the expression, “Let no good deed go unpunished.” Enough is enough. Stop financing countries that hate America! End the free ride. Pull the plug on every one of those thankless stink holes and give all that money back to the people it belongs to so that they may donate it to a truly worthy cause.Re: Failed conference center leaves $7M behindThe conference center proposal included adding another level of parking onto the Lionshead parking structure. Is $7M enough to finance that parking addition?Re: Are you in favor of a smoking ban in Eagle County? Why?Being a former California resident, the ban works.Re: Five guys and a Pinzgauer head southYou guys are straight crazy, but just like you i have traveled from Chicago south to Mexico in my 712m and man was it fun. It was me and my two kids, and we had a blast. We stopped at places to off-road. In Mexico, it’s like wonderland for a Pinz owner. Off-road opportunities are endless. Good luck to you guys and lots of fun.Re: A ‘breakdown of common sense’ …I don’t get it. His license wasn’t revoked? I thought driving a vehicle was a privilege? He used a vehicle in the commission of a crime. Screw the so-called community service – just make him walk or even better RIDE A BIKE TO WORK! Plus he struck a female and grabbed at her clothing. …Re: Who’s unfit for democracy?Apathy runs deep. I hope they do not spend their lives living with regrets.Re: A ‘Breakdown of common sense’ …I sat through this sentencing yesterday and was very impressed that the judge seemed to understand the seriousness of Matthews’ actions. In fact, he seemed to “get it” better than the prosecutor, defense lawyer, or Matthews. He took his time thinking about the need for jail time. I was PRAYING for at least a week or so jail time so that Mr. Matthews could be reminded that what he did was a serious CRIME. But with the victim and prosecutor both reluctant to ask him to pull the trigger, I guess he had no choice. This was an attack on ALL US CYCLISTS. I don’t think it is a stretch to call it a hate crime, because it wasn’t personal to Zaske. It was an attack on all those who ride the roads. She was just the unfortunate symbol of all of us.Re: A ‘breakdown of common sense’ …I’m sorry Mr. Matthews got off so lightly. Motorists buzz cyclists constantly. It is on purpose and with intent to cause harm to another person who has the SAME right to the road as they do. I had a motorist’s passenger spit on and then curse at me and three riding partners this past summer while riding into Edwards on Highway 6. We were on the right side of the white line and ON THE SHOULDER when this happened, riding single file, when we caught him at the red stop light we took exception to his action, asked him to step out of the vehicle and when he would not, decided to remove one of his passenger side windshield wipers. This action saved us a trip to court. Was it inappropriate behavior? Yes. Will that person spit on another cyclist? We hope not. This Matthews guys is a menace to society. It is only a matter of time before he blows up on someone else. The cyclist part of the story is a side note. The loser should have spent time behind bars for assault and battery and had his sentence tripled for hitting a woman. What a punk.Re: Battle looms over Eagle River waterMakes sense to me. I live on Main Street. I live on the river. Clearly, the money spent by our city has improved the river. In a circuitous way opponents, Mr. Porzak of Vail and Gelvin of the Sanitation District, MAKE the case for increased water.Porzak argues, in Vail Resort speak, “Minturn got minimum flow 27 years ago” – so what’s the problem?I’d agree with Porzak if he can document there has been no demand increase on that water since then, but guess what?As for Mr. Gelvin, in true political sound bites, he says, “We know enough about it to know we’d rather not see it happen.” Hmm, sounds like a change could require a little additional planning from Mr. Gelvin. We don’t want that to happen, now do we? Stephen SwansonRe: Wisdom from the WebVail, Avon, and Beaver Creek are in a losing battle. While other areas, our competitors are listening to the public, and taking care of business, our community is all about real estate development. The parking sucks. The drive up and down to Denver/DIA really sucks. Eagle airport is OK, but limited, and those cramped vans sucks. When are they going to get the point? There needs to be a transportation system. A train, tram, monorail, whatever, similar to what Europe has. You can build all the hotel rooms, condos, and homes. But if folks cannot effectively get here, it is all in waste, and not like a bunch of cattle. The vacation experience should start as soon as you get off the plane. Avon is trying to get more rail crossings but is doing nothing to account for a future rail station. More brilliant work by Avon. Think outside the real estate box, guys, or are the puppet strings too big to cut? I wonder who really runs these towns?Vail, Colorado

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