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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, in old-fashioned print, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: MTV to broadcast from Vail studioI can’t wait to see Vail on MTV!Re: TipslineThese gated subdivisions kill me. Security? And what is with us worker scum having to drive 30 minutes through Bachelor Gulch just to get to Strawberry Park? Can you say global warming? Anyway I just bump my rates $15 an hour every time I have to pass through one of these gates. That includes driving time, too!Re: TipslineWhat we need are some more rules and regulations, I don’t think we have enough. That way the agencies that pretend to be in charge can hope to protect themselves from lawsuits, the people with no life and/or common sense can feel safe, and lawyers can get rich.Re: For the children… If moms quit driving the newest SUV, stopped getting their hair and nails done and cooked dinners at home, then they could AFFORD to stay home as a MOM! Do your job, parents. And if you don’t, then pay your own day-care bills. Stop passing it on as a new tax to the rest of us – who may NOT have children. The kids are your responsibility, your job, your costs, not ours.Re: Pine beetles burrow in to Colorado politicsThis patent should be of interest to anyone concerned with controlling bark beetles. To the best of my knowledge, the process has been available for some time but has not been put to use for some reason or other.http://www.wipo.int/cgi-pct/guest/ifetch5?ENG+PCT-ALL.vdb+14+1139124-SCORE+256+2+54747+BASICHTML-ENG+8+25+1+25+SEP-0/HITNUM,B,,SCORE+steedRe: Letters to the editorI can certainly understand the frustrations that Mr. Lamont and the Vail Town Council are experiencing. The solutions that Mr. Lamont contemplates are similar to the “context sensitive solutions” that the Clear Creek County I-70 Task Force and Clear Creek county elected officials have been interested in for nearly two decades. It is a shame that our Colorado Department of Transportation refuses to engage in “outside the box” thinking. We continue to hear that anything other than “wider and blacker” is unaffordable. And as for noise, we’ll just have to live with it – there is insufficient funding to implement solutions. CDOT has some of the best engineers in the world – look at Glenwood Canyon. There needs to be a Colorado commitment to excellence in design, livable communities, and a willingness to fund them. Indiscriminate highway building (and all the accompanying impacts to our environment and our communities) will kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.Jo Ann Sorensen Clear Creek County I-70 Task ForceRe: What should the town of Vail do with the $7 million leftThe windfall of tax money that was to be used for the convention center came on the backs of the lodging community and the paying guests of Vail. Refunding the tax monies would be the fair thing to do but it is impractical, if not impossible to accomplish without causing a great amount of expense to the lodging community. I feel the best use of the money is for something to benefit our guests. Using it for any other purpose would be contrary to the sprit of the taxes original intent.One possibility would be to fund the improvements need at the Vail Golf Course. The golf course is a public facility, that is enjoyed by Vail locals and visitors. The cornerstone plaque at the entrance to the new clubhouse should read “Funded by the generosity of the visitors to the Vail Valley” and let’s please let’s omit the usual list Town Council members.Re: TipslineI think Avon has one last intersection where they can put up a stop sign. No wonder people don’t like Avon. All you do is stop at stop signs. There is no real traffic flow, or flow to the town. Chapel Square is never going to amount to anything at this rate, it is like 10 stop signs in a about a half mile. The town clowns still don’t get it?Vail, Colorado

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