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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Third time’s a charm Regarding this year’s gingerbread house contest in Beaver Creek, I am wondering who the other winners were. These people spent days and sometimes weeks creating these houses, using their own money for the materials. The second-place winner in the professional division had a beautiful masterpiece that deserves recognition. The amateur division included a detailed portrayal of Munchkinland and a charming model of the Beaver Creek Chapel – not the tiny houses that you insinuated that were created by all of the amateurs. While the first-place winner in the professional division was exquisite – and deserved to win hands down – it was not the only house that won a prize. This is the third year in a row that the winners did not get the recognition that they deserve. Please try to remember that while each entrant enjoys making these creations, a lot of work and money went into the projects. The first, second, and third place winners in each category should, at the very least, be listed in the article.Editor’s note: A story about the winners appeared in the Nov. 30 Daily.Re: What should the town of Vail do with the $7 millionIt was my impression that the vote for the conference center was a vote to help increase year-round tourism to the Vail area. It seems to me that the funds should still go to items with the same intent, i.e., promoting tourism. I don’t think it would be appropriate to apply the funds to “locals” amenities like children’s play area, fire station, etc. Consider applying it to another touristy type of attraction or use it for a marketing program promoting tourism.Re: What should the town of Vail do with the $7 million The funds need to be used for something supported by the lodging community first and foremost. Not a town amenity to serve the locals, but something to serve the businesses. More money for marketing. An amenity that serves guests.Re: Letters to the editorMr. Shuford’s Nov. 28 letter is the third in a series of comments that have appeared lately in this paper avowing the imminent threat of a Latino takeover of the Southwest. In each case, quotes have been taken out of context and distorted to create the impression of some kind of subversive, widespread Latino “plot.” Even if this supposed fomenting revolution were a reality, those who advocate for such a thing represent a very few rather than the many. Giving global credence to such statements is kind of like listening to the ravings of a few Muslim extremists and then extrapolating that their sentiments represent those of all Muslims. Or at least this is what these writers, motivated by dislike of Latinos, would ask us to believe. There’s an attempt to sway the reader here by insidious fear-mongering. It’s a manipulative and common tactic employed by racists, these writers’ protests to the contrary. Re: That immigrant tide There are about 12 million Americans, many of them our own working poor, who can’t find full-time jobs. Where is Matt’s compassion for them? Does he also believe they are entitled to “search for a better life?”Mass immigration, more than half of which is illegal, is the direct result of our federal government refusing to enforce its own immigration laws. This is happening because Congress is listening to the greedy and unprincipled business community rather than the American people. Also playing a major role in this worsening crisis is the mainstream media who are unfamiliar with the concept of critical thinking and are just too damn lazy to get the other side of this story, namely, what all this “cheap” illegal labor is costing the rest of us.Dave Gorak Executive Director Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration LaValle, Wis., http://www.immigrationreform.orgRe: Tipsline I would like to know why the Vail Daily has not written an article about the 17 public school educators that went to the TAP conference in North Carolina.I would like to read about the conference and am interested to discover what these people brought back to help our students here in Eagle County. I know the TAP program was sold to us as a way to attract and retain quality teachers and a way to increase achievement. How did this expensive trip meet these goals?Vail, Colorado

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