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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Has government reform begun? I think the Home Rule Commission should consider the option of letting Basalt and the other Roaring Fork Vally properties secede from Eagle County. Who needs Jacquie Whitset and the Hassel?! Their culture and goals are different than ours. Aspen’s valley is not the Vail Valley!Re: That immigrant tide The rule of law! Come into the country through the ports of entry or don’t come at all.Shannon McGauley, Texas MinutemenRe: Letters to the editor One thing I see nothing of from the anti-illegal immigration patriots is real solutions to the dilemma that so terrifies and angers them. Get over it, folks. Deporting millions is not an option. They’re here. What do you propose to do next?Re: Letters to the editorOK, so racism is not the issue with sending illegals back to the country they came from. The issue comes from all the American people talking so much about how they hate having to give up jobs for illegals, an illegal is not going to hold on to a job while an American wants the same position. That turns it into racism. I take it you havent heard about the three Mexican children who had their necks slashed, one was nearly decapitated. Also in Georgia there were five immigrant workers beat to death with aluminum baseball bats. The sheriff had a few words of wisdom for the press. “Since the individuals were illegal workers, they could not open bank accounts, and therefore probably had massive amounts of money stashed in the trailer they lived in. So we are not trying it as a racial crime.” And I quote: “I’m surprised this has not happened before.” Robbers are not going to commit that kind of crime for money.There is not one single lead in the case. There was a Hispanic mother and her daughter in California who were also beaten to death with a baseball bat. In the predominantly white neighborhood, the description of the attacker was an Anglo male. You see it does turn racial when freedom of speech makes it sound like a human is thought to be intruding on another man’s land, just for wanting to get work. Mexicans are not the reason for America’s problems. They were offered jobs here for years, and given places to live, told, “If you stay you will have a paying job, no questions asked.” But now it’s like, “We don’t want you here anymore. Go home.” It’s not just going to happen like that. You can’t just snap your fingers and a problem goes away. Fix your own problems first and then you’ll have progress.Illegals have been working for years now, without questions asked. I’m sorry but this is now the only home they know. Try thinking about that. I read about the roadblock they set up outside a Wal-Mart construction site. Wow, way to go, arrest 100 illegals who are working while the ones smuggling and selling drugs on the streets are still out there. So close up the borders, ship the illegals back to where they came from, and filter out the “lawbreakers.” …Re: Parting shots at the liberalsDo you really think anybody reading the Vail Daily really cares about what happens with the media in Kansas? Whatever happened to your ideas on making the Vail Valley a better place to live, work, and play? Mike, you sound depressed. What finally got to you? Was it finally realizing that writing about your problems with the Colorado State Patrol was a mistake for the youth in the valley? Debating the conference center with the likes of Kaye Ferry? Losing an old friend this year, Mr. Caroselli? I think it’s time you take one of your own vacations to Mexico for a month or two. Relax and try to refocas. Enjoy. We will all be here when you get back.Re: Parting shots at the liberalsMike has personal vested interest in Kansas, that’s why the interest in the Kansas media.I will miss him – a lot.Come back soon, Mike. We will be here waiting for you.Re: Pullout is nobody’s political victoryI suppose that in Matt’s world, he would like Americans to greet the returning troops from Iraq by spitting on them, as his liberal predecessors did with the Vietnam vets. Perhaps he could round up a few ancient hippies from the ’60s for the event. Maybe Jane Fonda and John Kerry could lead the way. Re: Parting shots at the liberalsHomo sapiens EVOLVED from apes. We were not “created” by them. Homo sapiens evolved from a particular species or branch of apes. This does not mean that homo sapiens replaced all apes, but that a new species emerged from some individuals of an existing species.Re: Intelligent design reduxTo debate the mechanics of Natural Selection is one thing, but to deny the validity of evolution is as ignorant as denying gravity (and gravity is just a theory, too).You’re not a racist?This is in response to all the ignorant rantings about illegal immigration that some of our Vail Daily readers feel they need to share with us. To assume that illegal immigration is directly related to gang violence, graffiti, etc. is probably one of the most racist things I’ve heard. First of all let’s clarify who these illegals are that everyone has such a problem with. They aren’t Russian, or Polish. We’re talking about our friends to the south, the Mexicans. The writer who associates these illegals with gangs and graffiti obviously never had the pleasure of actually getting to know any of them. It’s been my experience that these people are hard working, family oriented, religious people with high moral values. Yes, there are problems in the Mexican-American community with drugs, gangs, and violence, but no different than other race in this country afflicted by poverty, poor education or low standards of living. Who has a problem with Mexicans stealing our jobs and lowering our wages? Unless you recently applied at one of our fast-food joints, grocery stores or landscaping businesses and were turned down for an illegal immigrant, you really don’t have a leg to stand on. Minimum wage in our happy valley is about $9.50 an hour and these employers would be more than happy to hire someone who speaks English as a primary language and makes it to work on a regular basis whether it’s an 8-inch day or not. Granted, the rest of the country may not be as blessed as we are, but maybe a little competition in the low-end job market could spark our comatose American youth into staying awake in school and taking advantage of the education made available to them. Call me unpatriotic if you like, but when I think of America I think of opportunity for everyone that can get to here, not just the ones that were born here. If it were easy, or even possible to come here legally, do you really think these illegals would risk life and limb, swimming rivers, hiking deserts and dodging gun toting Texan ranch owners to come here? The bottom line is that these people come here to earn a living for themselves and their families. I’m not saying we should open the borders and let everyone in, but we should show respect to those who made it here because honestly, you would do the same if in their shoes.Tim, AvonVail, Colorado

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