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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: ‘They don’t see white and Mexican’The 2005 CSAP scores for Edwards Elementary are as follows: Percent NOT passing third grade: reading, 33 percent; math, 50 percent; writing 35 percent. Fourth grade NOT passing percentages are math, 49 percent; reading, 50 percent; writing, 67 percent. Fifth grade NOT passing percentages: math, 43 percent; reading, 40 percent; and writing 35 percent.I thought the goal was increased achievement and success for all? Maybe instead of teaching half the time in a foreign language, the school should be spending all of its time teaching for mastery of subject matter. Perhaps second language acquisition should be pursued as a separate class not as a school philosophy. This approach is not producing results, considering this is the sixth year of implementation.Re: Schools receive their report cardsEagle County School District has some explaining to do. You promised us student achievement would improve with the TAP program. Looking at both high schools’ CSAP results for 2005, I found in almost every category the scores are lower than they were three years ago. Please explain. Something is wrong and excuses will no longer pacify. Either you believe ALL students can learn or resign (so people who believe this can help our kids). Our children are victims of shoddy trendy programs. Our teachers are victims of inept management. There are now examples all over the country of poor, minority students excelling. Why are we not an example of stellar achievement? Eagle Valley High School results are as follows. Percentage of ninth-grade students below proficient: math, 73 percent; reading, 33 percent; writing, 47 percent. Percentage of 10th-grade students below proficient: math, 78 percent; reading, 34 percent; writing 52 percent. Battle Mountain High School results. Percentage of ninth-grader scoring below proficient: math, 62 percent; reading, 38 percent; writing, 45 percent. Percentage of 10th-graders scoring below proficient: math, 66 percent; reading, 44 percent; writing, 53 percent.Re: Hotel reservations up after snowfallHi! Yes, that’s true. We are coming special from Germany to enjoy the powder of Vail. We are so happy to get a flight and a hotel – and looking forward to our first ski trip to the USA. See you on the slopes.AngieRe: Schools receive their report cardsI bet they have been taught more about hating W. than math, English and history, except for liberal revisionism which is taught daily by public schools across America.Re: Injured vet wants custody of wounded bomb dogI think she should be able to keep Rex. She is and was protecting our country. She was one of the lucky ones to live in spite of her injuries and should be awarded Rex. After all, what else can Congress give her, a raise like they got?Re: Why we’re leaving U.S.Hope your ticket is one way!Re: Why we’re leaving U.S.Great column, and hey, this makes you a legal immigrant. Kudos and best wishes. I wish I was you!Re: ‘They don’t see white and Mexican’I thought that one of the advantages of living in the U.S. was having access to a good primary and secondary education, allowing them to go on to college and find a good job. Since English is the lingua franca of the Western world, a poor command of English inhibits English and Spanish-speaking students in achieving those goals. Keeping a family’s heritage and language alive is the responsibility of the family, not the taxpayer.Re: Letters to the editorOne thing I see nothing of from the anti-illegal immigration patriots is real solutions to the dilemma that so terrifies and angers them. Get over it, folks. Deporting millions is not an option. They’re here. What do you propose to do next?Re: ‘They don’t see white and Mexican’Edwards just got their report card: average, 2003-04; decline 2004-05. Look at the PDF for yourself at http://www.vaildaily.com/article/20051206/NEWS/51206005)Dual Language has NEVER worked in any other state. Why would you think we are any different?Re: Wisdom from the WebIt is the holiday season, but yet again here in Vail it seems like every corner you turn there is another Scrooge.I am one of the thousands living here and working hard to make Vail a wonderful place to visit. But what about those of us who are not visiting, those who call Vail and the Eagle Valley home? Who looks out for us? We are gouged at the pump and the supermarket. We long-term renters are treated like second-class citizens, our hard-earned money not even making us eligible for equal and expedient service when it comes to maintenance and repairs. There is a literal background check to receive a library card, and our energy “co-op” is anything but holy, charging up to three times the monthly average simply to start service.The common excuse for these practices? That Vail is hard to get to, for one, and that businesses have safeguards in place because it is such a “transient population” that lives here. But the non-transient population, those who live here year-round, we continue to be complacent and a little apathetic toward the way we are treated, placating ourselves with the great snow and good skiing.But life isn’t all about skiing, but rather about being treated with respect.When I leave after my two years here, I will miss the good friends I made, and the community of good people willing to help others at any time, day or night. But I won’t miss being treated like an imbecile because I don’t pay by the night.Thank you for allowing my thoughts to be heard. If this helps anyone stand up and try to enforce a change, I know we will all benefit in the future.Re: Why we’re leaving U.S.Gee, Mr. Palmer, life is so bad here? I find nothing wrong with a person wishing to live somewhere else. But your editorial seemed to be written by a person who seems to need psychological help. After reading your piece I can see that you will never be happy in New Zealand. You really should have selected Cuba, which has always been a utopia in the minds of people of your persuasion. Che is much more a hero to you than Washington or Jefferson or any of the free thinkers in NZ. Sure America could be better, but you, like others of your following, never offer solutions. … Please always remember if NZ ever has a natural disaster or is invaded, I am sure the only country that will come to its aid will be the USA. Of course you will try to bring up Katrina, but we mobilized 60,000 troops and machinery in less than five days. If your peers were in charge, we would have no military. Re: Wisdom from the WebAm I the only person who believes that illegal immigration continues to happen because of the DEMAND for illegal labor? Perhaps we should be attempting to curb demand instead of demanding that everyone just go home?Re: Why we’re leaving U.S.Leaving the US is not going to solve your problems. New Zealand is a wonderful place – I have lived there myself – but if you go I hope that you are moving towards something of value, not away from what troubles you. New Zealand is no less free from stress or the troubles of modern life than anywhere else. They have the highest teen suicide rate per capita in the world (look it up) and significant strife with the indigenous population. There is unease with the local population regarding the big influx of foreigners and foreign real estate investment.This is not to disparage the place: it’s a beautiful country with wonderful people. But no place is without its problems – there is no perfect utopia. To continue to seek one is a fruitless effort. Vail, Colorado

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