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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Bumbling Bush offers same old speechIt is difficult to understand how the Vail Daily could have found such an ignorant person to be their assistant editor. Perhaps Alex Miller has not taken the time to read up on the issues of Iraq. I guess that if he had been around during the Holocaust and been able to stop the horror that transpired in Germany, he would not have bothered to do so, either. Iraqi women and children, as well as men, were tortured to death by the thousands in Iraq. Women were taken to prison, raped and beaten with in an inch of their lives, their arms and legs repeatedly burned with cigarettes, ears cut off, breasts, legs broken and charred by Saddam’s crazies. His doctors were experts at reviving people from the dead so they could live to be tortured another day.Saddam created a Manhattan project with the assistance of German scientists and his own nuclear experts educated in the U.S.Just ask Iraqi women if they want the U.S. Marines to leave. Just ask Kuwaiti and Iraqi women what happened to them and their families under the reign of this madman. The secret police came at night and took away entire families. Relatives could not even find them to pick up their mutilated bodies.Has Alex seen the latest testimonies at the Saddam trial? He is most likely too ignorant to read the numerous books by Iraqis documenting the horrors of this demented madman, Saddam. Research doesn’t seem to be the forte of today’s reporter bent on spewing hatred at President Bush.Hey Alex, grab another glass of chardonnay and have a drink in the sun at the bottom of Lionshead. Keep looking the other way. I am sure you would rather write about panty parties at Abu Graib than cover real torture by Saddam Hussein and his cronies. You are not a real writer or reporter. You looked the other way as the women and children of Iraq were raped, burned and broken. You, the press above all people, should be telling the truth about these poor people.You would like to see the U.S. Marines leave today, right? We will have nutty al Qaeda in all of our cities blowing up people if we fail to support the brave citizens of Iraq. Will it take a nuclear weapon in Los Angeles to convince you that real scientists worked on real nuclear weapons not only in Iraq but in Iran, Syria, and Pakistan? Do you really believe that these guys wear diapers on their heads and ride around on camels in the desert? Get a clue. They go to schools like UCLA, CU, MIT and get degrees in nuclear physics often paid for by the U.S. They then go home and develop nuclear programs for people like Saddam. If they refuse their families are tortured and killed.Get a real job. Maybe you should work in a pencil factory. That seems to be the limit of your education.Re: House passes tax cut to preserve lower capital gains, dividend ratesWe need tax breaks to keep a healthy economy. It doesn’t take an economist to know when people have more disposable income, they tend to buy more goods and services and thus create more taxes for the coffers of government. Thus, the opposite happens when we are paying higher taxes.How you can have people like Pelosi stand up and buck tax cuts for the American people and spout the same ol’ tired rhetoric is beyond understanding (the poor suffer, Rich benefit and middle class is paying the bill).These Democrats are so tiring with the same old rhetoric and phrases and they haven’t come up with anything new in 20 years. Next year they will start their starving kids campaign and how the old people are starving under this new economy.They have no ideas or solutions to anything productive and enlightening. They have a reputation for innuendos, lies and accusations with no substance and anti-American, anti-military and praying and hoping we lose the war in Iraq.That’s a Demo in a nutshell, sorry!Vail, Colorado

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