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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Idiot alert! Idiot alert!Although I can (easily and legally) pick apart Matt Zalaznick’s column line by line, I won’t bother. After all, you are doing a fine job of opening your mouth and inserting your foot all by yourself. But as you are a man of words, evidenced by your chosen field of “expertise” (this would be journalism?), enjoy:– It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and confirm it. – Abraham Lincoln (He was a SMART man Matt!)– Age doesn’t always bring wisdom. Sometimes age comes alone. – Unknown– If you can’t be kind, at least have the decency to be vague. – Unknown And final thought for the day: I recommend always keeping your words soft and sweet because you may find yourself eating them. Crow really is best when served warm, Matt.Re: Idiot alert! Idiot alert!Matt! It is about the law pal. Get it? If I speed, smoke a doobie or steal a car, I fully expect to be punished. Get it? Try harder, Matt.Re: Idiot alert! Idiot alert!It looks like Matt really does lack the power of logical thought. And the part about him being a journalist – good one, Matt!The concept of legal, controlled immigration seems to be forever just beyond Matt’s mental reach. Maybe he needs an assistant who can do the thinking while he does the mindless typing?Does Matt really not know how things are done in Mexico concerning immigration and law enforcement? That should keep him busy for years with indignation and howls of injustice. Yawn.Re: Idiot alert! Idiot alert!City Editor Matt Zalaznick has a paper that exists on advertising … and thinks that it is his personal soapbox to be used for his personally motivated and warped understanding of what America is all about.To be sure, it is not all about him and/or his personal agenda or his pet foibles. If he wants to criticize what other Americans believe in, that’s his prerogative. But he should be doing it on his own nickel and stop misusing the resources of what may be a pretty good newspaper.Frankly, I looked up the background of the city editor and found it to be lacking – that is, in good old American common sense. This guy couldn’t tie his own shoe if he had to leave the building in a hurry. Patriotism to him – by those who don’t agree with his socialistic and liberal vision of America – amounts to racism, xenophobia and worse. What does surface is his apparent contempt for those who believe that the rule of law is as important as his right to write and print his drivel.Immigration is a fine and admirable quality, which over many years has been incorporated into our American culture. To be sure, no other nation can come close to the kind of “open door” policy that we offer. Just the same, legal immigration is what we are talking about, not law breaking or unfettered access to all of the taxpayer services which are commonly referred to as entitlements and incentives. No illegal alien has any right to expect a free ride, as many American citizens are told they need not apply when they need them – even though their taxes have paid for them.No, this city editor is just like this Congress and this president. He is on the wrong side of these issues and a few critical letters have caused him to further ply his race-baiting tactics.There is no doubt that he doth protest too much! Academics like him start to believe in their own intelligence. … Re: TipslineI realize that our local postal officials couldn’t care less about us, but this no home delivery has caused me nothing but trouble the whole 19 years I have lived here. It came all to apparent how bad when I tried to buy my girlfriend an XM radio for Christmas. First, the one she liked had a $50 rebate from the manufacturer. Oops, they only send the rebate to a physical address, NO PO BOXES. I called the manufacturer and got the typical, “Oh I am sorry sir.” Then onto a different model, and crap, these retailers will not send it to me. Seems the UPS, the men in brown, cross-reference our addresses with the good old U.S. mail, who in Avon have no listing of my address because they do not deliver. What century are we living in? In these supposedly “world class” communities we live in, why is it such a “Third World” system?Re: TipslineHere’s a trick for your mailing issues. Put both your physical and P.O. box on your items and it will be put in your box, or move to an area that has home delivery and just stop complaining! If you think the services in the area are like a Third World system, then you are a true idiot! Again, if you don’t like the area and how things operate, then MOVE.Re: A job for the outdoor lover!What a great article and what a great job!Thank you, AndreRe: Sex offender also in trouble in Eagle CountyHe has charges in Garfield and Eagle counties. A history of being imprisoned in Utah. Previous charges on illegal weapons, kidnapping and illegal drug possession. History of two felonies. A REAL winner!Re: God spins fantastic tales, writes C.S. LewisGive this guy some space on the front page! Awesome! Re: Why religious crusades lost against booze and Mary JaneVery well written and very interesting! Re: TipslineParking pains! Vail does not care about the locals and are parking issues, they know if we want to park that bad we will pay it and if you complain they just shack their heads and smile. Just stop paying the increased fees. if all pass holders would just stop buying the passes, maybe they would do something for the locals. Well, we can dream anyway. They just do not care! …Re: Edwards man dies in fireworks accident… No “firecracker” can kill or even cause serious injury. The device sounds more like a pipe bomb, which bears no resemblance in appearance, effect or intended use to legitimate fireworks.I’d respectfully request that the reporter get more facts and file a more accurate story.Re: Edwards man dies in fireworks accidentLive every day as it may be your last. Let those you love know it. Have fun walking on this planet. My heart feels your sorrow. Be strong, peace. Dean BuchserVail, Colorado

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