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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Letters to the editorTo Mr. Quintana: Not everyone complains about your (our) people – it’s unfortunate that the ones who do are the loudest.With privilege comes responsibility to share (or so every major world religion says). Most Americans have far more than enough, but a small but vocal cadre of self-proclaimed patriots seems to be continually teetering on the edge of poverty. Why else are they so fearful and resentful?This valley’s success is due to the hard work of all, papers or not. I know plenty of Greeks, Euros, Asians and Africans who send money home, but for some reason they just don’t get the press.Re: Letters to the editor”The majority of white Americans.” “A Third World cesspool.” “False ideals of multiculturalism.” “Invasion of illegal aliens.” And, best of all, “The idiocy of embracing diversity to the point of national suicide.” These phrases tell me all I need to know about this courageous letter writer’s thinly-disguised xenophobia. Why is it the most vehement anti-Hispanic commentators in the Vail Daily either go anonymous or write letters from hundreds of miles away? Re: Arrested Eagle County illegal aliens at mercy of fedsIf it were not for federal and state handouts, businesses would nurture the community by providing entry level positions and educational opportunities for young Americans and legal immigrants. Nowadays, it’s not unusual for a business to bring in illegal labor to be subsidized by the general public and call them immigrants. These actions displace young adults from obtaining entry level positions within that community. Re: Aspen groves reveal secretsThe aspens in the La Sals outside of Moab are spectacular! They are the largest I’ve ever seen. Thanks for reminding me why I need to get back there.Re: Climate change may disrupt more than weatherYou should have run this article last week. Global warming would have been a “hot” topic at 22 bellow ;-)Re: Four Seasons breaks ground in VailFour Seasons should be built on the Crossroads site. The old Holiday Inn site would have been better used for a more moderately priced hotel. Or even better as a parking garage for Adam Aron’s “buddies” from the front range.Re: Schwarzenegger refuses to spare life of gang founder.And your country refuses to banish death penalty. If I were American, I would be ashamed.Schwarzy is just good to play in dumb movies.No other comment about a country which is for death penalty but against abortion.Vail, Colorado

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