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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Letters to the editorTime for education here, Mr. “Get used to us”:A) We bought the land referred to as Aztlan.B) There were only a few Mexican families living in Texas at the time of the treaty purchase. (Yep, we bought it.)C) You forgot to list Colorado as also being one of the Western states in the USA that will be relinquished to the mythical country Aztlan. D) If the treaty is ruled null and void, does that rule all treaties null and void then? Louisiana Purchase? Alaska? Hawaii?E) If “yes” to D, then Mexico MUST BE returned to Spain. They owned it, and Mexicans seized it. Fact. So give Mexico back to Spain and we would all be happy. Except for President Fox ,that is.Re: Calling Mark Simon!I AM ALSO LOOKING FOR CARMEN AND JOE SIMON, PARENTS OF MARK SIMON, WHO LIVED IN NEW ORLEANS AS DESCRIBED IN ARTICLE. IF THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND PLEASE SEND ME THEIR ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER AT darrell.farmen@att.netRe: TipslineMenconi and Runyon and their worthless moratorium will only make matters worse. Their agenda will result in more sprawl, more traffic and they are anti-business to boot. Eagle County got exactly what they wanted. Comic relief of Laurel and Hardy. They are simply out to see who can’t outspend the other on worthless social programs.Re: Gross charged with first-degree murderIsn’t first degree murder supposed to be premeditated? How does the district attorney plan on proving premeditation? Anyone who knows Chuck Gross knows that he didn’t plan to do this awful thing.Re: Hispanics hold courthouse rally in shootingAmen! As a relative of Chuck Gross, I’m sure it wasn’t racially motivated, and I’m so sick of people turning things into racially motivated hate crimes when they aren’t!Re: Terror and exaggerationThen why, Don Rogers, do you give these radical environmentalists so much press? Every time there is a problem, you (the paper) print their side of the story, most of the time without the other side. Like all the stories about the timber sales. What does Rocky Smith wipe … with? What powers his computer? Where has the common sense gone in our society” If there are people, there are needs: power, water, heat, food. Allen Best is a terrible reporter. He is so biased it is insane. I have personally called him on it several times in meeting while he was still in town, and all he could do was try to hide in his chair. Lame! The VD needs to take a more even stance on reporting.Re: Tyrolean Restaurant says ‘auf Wiedersehen’Hello! I am Chris writing from Vienna, Austria. I was looking for the “Tyrolean Inn” in the Internet. Couldn’t find it. Now I know why. It was closed 2004. I’m very sad to read that in the news. I used to work there, 1990 to 1991. Was a great time. Thanks for the article. So my search is over. I’m able to close the subject now. Sadly! Everything is changing. Servus und Pfiati! Yours, Chris Re: Letters to the editorGreat letter, Carrie! You bring up so many great points about the dual language program at Edwards Elementary School and how great it is for all involved – English and Spanish! Thank you for taking the time to write such a meaningful letter for all of us at EES.Re: Blasting the messengerPeople aren’t civil overall. Look at your students in school – manners, respect, vanished.Remember this, “If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all”? Well, it is not taught any more – by PARENTS, that is! Vail, Colorado

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