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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Strict leash law being written for EagleWalking one’s dog off leash is not the only worthy definition of a “lifestyle.” For many, it’s the freedom to use a public place without having to alter or adapt their experience because of someone else’s decision to own a dog and bring that dog to the public place. Re: Wife of Houston minister delays flight to VailI hope Christians in general do not suffer from this misrepresentation. Further, why was a pastor and his family riding first class anyway?Re: TipslineI want to respond to the woman who was complaining about the mad librarian at the Avon Library. I witnessed the exchange. The librarian helping this woman was helpful and courteous until this woman crossed the line and became belligerent. This librarian was, as far as I could tell, only trying to follow policy, and by doing so angered this woman. I frequently use the library and find the staff to be both helpful and courteous.Re: Christmas a conundrum in most classroomsA friend was recently in one of our elementary schools. The friend met some teachers and students, and someone said, “Merry Christmas.” The reaction from the class and teacher was a silent, icy stare and no return of Merry Christmas.I think the parents of children in this area should consider whether our kids are being educated (listening to the English and so-called “grammar” of our kids shows the answer to be a resounding “NO”) or indoctrinated. The Russian communists and Chinese and Fidel Castro all indoctrinated kids with lies. It was a resounding failure.The education system in the USA and Eagle County is a failure. There is too much political indoctrination by the leftists and too little real education that will help kids get to college and get a good job. We no longer value education, only the politics of the left. Countries like India, Japan and China value education and are cleaning our clock.The schools should be telling kids the truth. Christmas is a national holiday, proclaimed by the government. It has nothing to do with church and state. It is purely political lies. The vast majority of the country is Christian or supports Christian morals. To indoctrinate kids that they are not allowed to mention Christmas is a crime.Merry CHRISTMAS to all of you.Re: Wife of Houston minister delays flight to VailSo being polite and respectful does pay off sometimes. And for those who aren’t – well – it wrecks things for a lot of innocent bystanders.Wake up America. Shape up, people. Re: TipslineWhat has this valley come to be? I was always led to believe there were laws-ordinances to protect me. Now all I get from the towns and police is the good old, “Sorry sir, but that is not my job.” Or even better, the “Sorry sir, we are overstaffed and cannot manage our staff.” Lame, Lame, Lame. I have dealt with this double talk, political lip service for 20-plus years calling Vail my home, but it has only backfired on me. While helping Vail, building the new and better Vail, all I get is petty complaints. I am not a deep pocket developer. I am the one who builds what everyone wants. So why while helping out the greater good of Vail does one of the Vail code enforcement officers issue me a parking ticket? To hell with Vail. I have had enough of the crap. Twenty years of it. There is no amount of skiing, mountain biking, or anything thing else here to justify the crap. Yes, I am leaving.Re: Rudi Fisher ‘saw natural beauty everywhere’Oh my God. I just saw Rudi for the first time in years within this month. One of the finest people I’ve known. I’m floored.Re: Headlines in HaikuMwaa ha ha, those were fantastic!Vail, Colorado

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