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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: TipslineYes there are people willing to waste their time for $9 an hour. They live in tax-money subsidized housing/utilities and with food stamps and free health care. They are also referred to as illegal aliens in America and undocumented workers in this valley. They can afford no money. So could you if taxpayers took care of your costs.Re: Pastor’s wife I consider myself a nice Christian gal, and believe me, there have been stressful days when I’ve lost it. Even the Apostle Peter was known to stick his foot in his mouth big time. Let’s give the lady the benefit of the doubt and believe she regrets her behavior. Let’s also remember the Bible says there was only one perfect person ever born. Judge not … Re: Sex offender pleads guilty, faces 16 years This is absolutely NOT ENOUGH punishment, but better than nothing! Re: Wife of Houston minister delays flight to Vail Why was a pastor and his family riding first class anyway? I think I know, charity begins at home. Ha! Re: Pastor’s wife says she chose to leave plane Maybe before Victoria threw her hissy fit, she should have asked herself “What would Jesus do” in the case of a wet drop down table in 1st Class. So much stress during the holidays. So much stress. Re: Wife of Houston minister delays flight to Vail Why are some people so judgmental to those that have helped so many and know so little about? Blessings sometimes are financial. Re: Pastor’s wife says she chose to leave plane Jesus was human, too. Re: Vail Daily wins 21 press awards Congratulations Vail Daily! Raj Manickam Re: Two better than one? That’s the cutest little ski bunny i’ve ever seen. Re: Wrong project in wrong placeAndy Wiessner’s commentary seems to bring back memories of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream fame of the 1980s when Haagen-dazs ice cream (owned by the Pillsbury Co.) was slamming Ben Cohen’s new brand of ice cream made locally in Vermont.They were paying off retailers in supermarkets across the country not to carry this brand in the same freezers as their premium brand of ice cream. Well, Ben Cohen, one of the principal owners, came out with his own campaign: “What’s the Dough Boy afraid of !The column didn’t mention what the altitude of Vail’s ski area was. At 11,570 feet, they are higher up the mountain than Ginn’s planned resort. Does this mean you would fight Vail’s future planning at their summit? It also appears that you are against rich people living at private resorts! It seems with the prices they are charging at Vail, they are catering to the rich, but that’s OK with you!I think you left out the statement you are working with the best interest of Vail, while you’re slamming others.Warren T. Johnston, a fellow skierEditor’s note: The town Vail is at 8,150 feet.Re: Immigrants fill a critical niche”‘Hispanic workers at Gould Construction are not paid less than their Anglo counterparts,’ Gould said. He pays laborers $14 an hour, but maintains that is not a living wage for a single person.” Then how can illegals pay their bills without welfare support? Their families send THEM money to remain in the US.”A 2000 study found that immigrants contributed about $14 billion annually, or 1.8 percent, to the $11 trillion U.S. gross domestic product. Since they published that study, they’ve found minimal evidence to support the claim that immigrant workers displace native workers.” Funny, not what our USA government says …”With the exception a handful of some small communities in Texas, California and Arizona, illegal immigrants usually contribute more than they cost.”Hogwash, look at our own government reports.”Gould said he checks the documents of all his prospective workers. ‘If it looks good, we hire them,’ he said. ‘We don’t have the skill to tell if the documents are forged.'” Oh, Gould doesn’t really WANT to know …”Hopelessness drives illegal immigrants to pay human smugglers – coyotes – between $2,500 and $5,000 to cross the border.” “The majority of our families are coming from incredibly poor areas.”If they are that poor – not what PEW Hispanic report just said – but if they are that poor, where did they come up with several thousand U.S. dollars?”‘Hispanics will take the jobs that require more labor,’ he said. ‘You don’t need an education, just the heart for working.'” And what happens when they become to OLD to do that type of work, or get hurt, what THEN? Public aid? Free doctor’s care?Re: Immigrants fill a critical nicheSounds almost like a borderline racist article. Jobs Anglos won’t do? Maybe the author can comment if this article is about legal immigrants, or employing illegal aliens in his area, or is it racist against American workers? Re: Happy holidays to allWhat feud? Who in the world says there is a feud between the (Vail Trail and Vail Daily)? You’re trying to create something that doesn’t exist. Isn’t there enough fighting in this world for you? Why try to create more? If you want attention, try originality instead of hoping on someone else’s bandwagon.Vail, Colorado

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