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On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Legal vs. illegalWell, if a good majority who come from Latin American came here illegally, what do you think people will believe? If they have no wish to speak the English language, then most Americans would suspect that they are not Americans. The majority of immigrants who have come to America learned English because it is the language of the land. Now days most Latin Americans don’t believe that’s necessary, especially if they are living in a community of their own kind, they don’t feel they have to adjust or assimilate.They believe they can live in America without having to be an American and receive the same benefits as everyone else. They don’t believe they need to respect American society, or its laws to get what they want from it. It’s more than just a language issue.In the so called old days there were many immigrant populations throughout the county, and many did not speak English. But they came with the intention of being part of this society, legally and with respect for this society and its laws, and eventually learned the language because they knew it was important to communicate as one nation and as one people. Kind of a unifying thing. Not anymore. Re: The cost of illegal immigrationInstead of solving their own problems at home they come here, where everything has been developed. If they don’t get their own way, or treated differently because they came here illegally, they scream racism. They don’t understand the costs involved, and much less care who pays for the services they use. They don’t know how American society works, for if they did they would have taken those examples and applied them in the own homelands. Its all Greek, but not their responsibility. One thing is for sure, they are not immigrants, but people simply looking for a better life without concern for the host society. Kind of like a mother-in-law that never leaves. Re: The cost of illegal immigrationThe solution, obviously, is to enforce the law and deport illegal aliens upon detection. We aren’t guarding our borders and we aren’t enforcing immigration law inland. So of course we vulnerable to the exploitation of our health and educational systems. Guarding the border and enforcing immigration laws inland, along with severe penalties for those who hire illegal aliens, would solve the problem. Why aren’t we solving it?Re: Something short of a monopolyNice try, Don Rogers, to say that you don’t have a monopoly on NEWS in the Valley. You just won’t let the facts get in the way of telling a good story, will you? You failed to name a single other newspaper (daily or weekly) that is not owned by your parent company. As long as that is the case, we will all have to contend with mediocre reporting. We are all very sure that if another paper were to begin to make in-roads here, that your paper would buy them out too. Don’t try to defend yourself when you have to make up a story to do it. But then again, you are a master at making up stories or headlines that are intentionally misleading. Why would the parent company spend the money on Andy Stonehouse if they weren’t concerned that something is wrong?Editor’s note: Andy Stonehouse writes a weekly car feature for the Vail Daily and other papers. At one time he was the Daily’s arts and entertainment editor. Re: Happy artGreat to know that another of New Orleans’ finest has joined the ranks of our Colorado counterparts. The community will love his talents and his humor. Myself, along with three other New Orleanians moved here after “K.” Strange and familiar – once neighbors to the Rinard Gallery in the French Quarter, and now neighbors in Colorado. Thanks for having us all Colorado! Y.P.L. Re: The cost of illegal immigrationHow long do you just do nothing? Illegal immigrants are getting the American dream at the tax payer expense. You have to ask yourself, do we need 12 million dish washers or maids so we can give them what Mexico won’t – free hospital care or give them food stamps so they can take jobs from employers paying low wages so you, the taxpayer, get the hospital bill? Jobs that Americans will not do? It should say jobs American’s won’t do as cheap as illegal immigrants.The jobs were starting to pay more wages till the illegals got here. Here in Vail you have illegals working at your stores, bars, and nightclubs. Do you care?Re: The cost of illegal immigration”Public education has a duty to educate all our kids.”No they don’t. Parents are responsible for educating their children, not the state.Re: Scarcity of workers creates demand for immigrant laborAccording to the government the farms have a farm labor shortage. But that is not really the case. They do come to the farms, but not long after they arrive they venture into the construction sites because there is more money there. The more we bring in to work on the farms the more we’ll be bringing in to work on construction. There should be an fool-proof identification card that reads FARM LABORER ONLY and have their picture on it. That is the only way to keep them on the farms. So, no, I don’t agree with this “shortage” sympathy cry.Re: Wisconsin Sen. Feingold to speak in VailWisconsin Sen. Feingold (D) vs. Colorado Sen. Wayne Allard (R): OK, let’s see. …Senator Allard came to speak (and listen) in Avon last summer, at Avon’s public library. It was free. I was there. Anyone could (and did) attend. Now Sen.r Feingold is visiting Vail this week. According to the VD article, Sen. Feingold wants $25 for a ticket to his lunch where the “guests” are encouraged to bring “a sack lunch and beverage.” Luckily, there is an “evening” event for those who couldn’t make lunch, and that would be dinner at ($500.00 per couple). Make your check payable to the Progressive Patriot Fund, the senator’s political action committee. The VD article goes on to quote Eagle County Democrat Debbie Marquez as saying “the brown bag event epitomizes what Feingold represents.” Yes, Ms. Marquez, for once I couldn’t agree more with you. My checks in the mail. Ms. Marquez, I very much miss my favorite Democratic senator from Wisconsin. That would be the late Sen. William Proxmire. I doubt he would have stooped so low as to golden fleece the people of Colorado.Re: Sheriff wants higher ski-safety finesHow about a $1,000 fine, plus the cost of mobilizing a helicopter as well as SAR expenses? $500 isn’t much these days. When the first rescuer or helicopter pilot dies (just a matter of time), no money will be enough.Re: The cost of illegal immigrationThank you for a great article. Poor illiterate illegal invaders with big families are very very expensive. Call you senator and congressman and raise hell. The toll free number is (888) 355-3588.Re: Trading a pair of skis for a boardBy “new vernacular,” do you mean meaningless ramblings of Masters Kingston and Lawson? Good luck on the board! Also, nice mittens. ElliotRe: Colorado’s legacy of immigrantsLegal immigrants are greeted with open arms. Illegal Immigrants are not! How hard is that to understand? This is a nation of laws. Stop trying to soften the fact that there are half a million ILLEGAL ALIENS in Colorado alone. We do not have the resources to support them. Who is paying the Daily for all this propaganda supporting the Illegals? …Re: What’s fair and rightI love it. Even here Rogers has to have the last word! And he even voices it like HE is the authority. Some things never change. Re: Colorado’s legacy of immigrantsIt does not matter where you come from, or who you are. If you come to another society illegally, you are placing a burden on that society, no matter your history or culture. Maybe you will benefit from the process, but you are doing it at the expense of others. America welcomes all immigrants, but you are not an immigrant if you come here illegally.More people have crossed our borders illegally in the past 20 years then any time in America’s history. Again it’s not who you are, or the culture you represent, it’s the numbers. …Re: The cost of illegal immigrationHow can one be a “law-abiding illegal immigrant “?Vail, Colorado

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