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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: TipslineChristmas really shows the sad reality of the U.S. While families struggle to keep kids in school and fed, and are collecting welfare, they somehow seem to be able to find money to buy Playstations and X-boxes. Sad. Maybe there is a new government program to supply underprivileged families with video games?Re: North to Colorado: Sombrerete”If you don’t get a job in one of the mines, you leave for the U.S. or starve. …” HOGWASH. You are feeding the public a bunch of bleeding-heart PC nonsense. Read the Pew Hispanic Report this month.Excerpt from the Dec. 6:The vast majority of undocumented migrants from Mexico were gainfully employed before they left for the United States. Thus, failure to find work at home does not seem to be the primary reason that the estimated 6.3 million undocumented migrants from Mexico have come to the U.S. Study: http://pewhispanic.org/reports/report.php?ReportID=58A majority of Mexican nationals who crossed into the United States illegally in the past two years left behind paying jobs that, in some cases, are similar to the agriculture, construction and manufacturing work they find north of the border, according to a study of Mexican immigrants released yesterday by the Pew Hispanic Center … Study: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp- dyn/content/article/2005/12/06/AR2005120601491.htmlRe: TipslineMaybe if they put the people at the Simon Wiesenthal Center up to the task of catching Osama Bin Ladin something may happen? They have relentlessly pursued suspected war criminals for years, but maybe there is no money in catching Osama, so therefore they are not concerned.Re: TipslineMaybe Eagle County should have the same for dog owner’s here, but add a fee for a countywide dog poop service?ENNA, Austria – Ouch! Viennese city authorities are putting the bite on the Austrian capital city’s new dog owners starting next week.From Jan. 1, liability insurance will be mandatory for Vienna’s dog owners for pets born after that date under new city laws. Policies must have minimum coverage of euro 725,000 (U.S. $864,000). They are meant to pay for legal, hospital or other costs arising from damage or injury caused by the animals. Those caught without insurance could be forced to pay fines up to euro 3,500 – more than U.S. $4,000.Re: Holding back information”The notion of holding back information the public wants to know runs just about opposite of journalism’s current thought.”Well, Don, why is it that the Vail Daily regularly refrains from publishing all the information for the Eagle County School District? We are kept in the dark about the TAP program specifics as the Vail Daily acts as a hired PR agent. Why did your paper choose to not publish all the CSAP scores that were recently released? Other papers made it easy for the citizens of the community to see how local schools performed. Our paper continued on with its biased reporting by choosing to not show us the full picture. I guess the perks of being an editor are that you can have it both ways and hold back information when you want.Re: Happy holidays to allI agree. There is no feud (between the Vail Trail and Vail Daily). Two different papers with different ideas is all.Re: Sex offender pleads guilty, faces 16 yearsIt’s awful how these predators are allowed to plea down to lesser offenses. The punishment already is not enough, but to let them bargain for less time is horrible. WHY?! They did the crime, they should do the time! Why are other charges erased when he obviously has multiple previous convictions and now these offenses, too? Re: Wisconsin Sen. Feingold to speak in VailFeingold says he believes “we can win the fight against Al Quaida and protect innocent Americans’ freedoms at the same time.” But he doesn’t bother us with annoying details about HOW he believes this can be achieved.And by assuming that innocent Americans’ freedoms are in fact somehow being infringed upon, Feingold poses a false dilemma; it is a logical fallacy because his premise is based on an unsubstantiated assumption. Such ploys are typically reserved for 527 ads and feature-length mockumentaries. Feingold excels in exploiting the techniques of P.T. Barnum.This way to the egress …Re: TipslineMag chloride: It truly is scary stuff, what CDOT is putting on the roads. Some of the random tests out there show considerable amounts of heavy metals, the same stuff killing fish in our streams and damaging DNA. Look at the warnings about arsenic, cyanide and lead, to mention a few. We, the public are kept in the dark for the sake of the state to be able to take driver responsibility away from its true owner, us. Surely, the privilege to drive on our winter roads comes with the responsibility to drive safely. To CSP: I ask you to enforce the laws of responsibilities and the judges to sentence the violators appropriately. As for that nasty stuff on the roads, I can testify to its damage. As a local driver, there are regular days that the left side of my face is raw and itchy after driving in the stuff with the window cracked. As well as times my hands have peeled because I had to touch the chemical on my vehicle without protection for my skin. And if this is the effect on my skin, I can only imagine what it’s doing to my lungs as I breathe the mist raised by traffic. I see how it’s rotting my truck from the inside out. What is it doing to our bodies? MBRe: The Mexican DreamThank you for the respect you show towards Mexican people.This is a very nice article.Congratulations!Re: Transfixed by iceGreat article about Tim and Birgitta. They are masters of a most unusual art form. As Tim’s dad, I couldn’t be more proud.Norm LinhartRe: The cost of illegal immigrationWe should eliminate birthright citizenship, and we should erect a wire fence to keep people honest, and we should prosecute American companies who seem to have this nasty habit of hiring illegal labor instead of American citizens, and we need a new policy with Mexico (including closing half of their state side consulates) that if they don’t get their social and economic act together and stop pushing their people across our border, that there will be hell to pay. Vail, Colorado

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