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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Not-so-welcome guests”Mexicans are a drain on our economy. When Mexicans earn wages … our economy does not benefit.” Tell that to a third-generation American citizen of Mexican descent. Nothing like a good generalization to ruin a decent argument.Re: Gotta quit putting this offNext time Don, try to put together a coherent editorial instead of just trying to fill up about the 30 percent of the space left over in your paper after printing all of the real estate ads. Try saying something meaningful instead of venting. We know that you are just Steve Pope’s mouthpiece, but perhaps you could come up with an original thought once in a while. Maybe a well-written piece that doesn’t just try to insult people. This would be a good New Year’s resolution for you.Re: Wrestling with immigation reformSurprising that this article did not mention the recently-passed U.S. House bill that will significantly beef-up the border with fences and agents.Re: Wrestling with immigration reformThe real issue is Mexico has no incentive to plant the seed of change in their own country. In fact they are doing everything possible to avoid any social or economic reforms in Mexico, but instead are committing all of their political and financial resources in reforming America’s immigration policies through the act of mass illegal immigration. Re: It’s really a war on HanukkahWhen clerks at department stores confess they can be fired for saying “Merry Christmas,” then I think most reasonable people find something wrong with that. The progressive secularists want to tell the 80 percent majority who believe in God when and where it is appropriate to practice their reglion. There IS a war against traditional values being waged by progressives. The very values so many of us cherish. You are right that we see your unenlightened views as an attack on Christmas. The good news is that you will never win this war. While in Vail recently I read several of your columns. Matt Zalaznick, you lack credibility. You sound like another Michael Moore puppet; same garbage in every commentary. At least get some fresh, original views instead of jsut coping the party dogma. I mean Move On.org, man. You are clueless and don’t seem to even know it. Perhaps if you embraced Christmas instead of attacking it, you might see the light.Fox News is only one of the increasing numbers of organizations keeping the progressive secular oddities from doing further damage to this country. Thank God John Gibson and so many others are standing up to the relentless media tirades attacking traditional values. You “Kool Aide drinking” media types are furious you can’t make rididulous commentary without being challanged anymore. Just curious, did you have Ward Churchill as a teacher in college?I’ve read several of your commentaries. You just beat the same drum over and over again. No original thoughts. The world is tuning your kind out, and for good reason. You spin the facts to fit your pathetic desire to change America from something decent and special in the world to some kind of new elitist run “new world order.” Ian Buruma (author and noted socialist) thinks Americans who flew their flag after 9/11 are “belicose” and “fascists.” I’m sure you do, too.I’m all for the rights of the loyal opposition to articulate their beliefs and criticisms. What you do appears to me to go way beyond good taste. I think you are disgraceful, but I would die in battle to preserve your right to make a fool of yourself. Re: Bye, bye, Huskies hockey; two players suspendedWhile I appreciate your thoughts on the life lessons learned, and the fact that it was lucky that no one was harmed, I think you failed to consider that two players do not make a team. Sure, they will be missed, but there are more than 20 other players that still have an entire season that they need play and want to play.As for your sources, you may want to look for new ones. The coaches had 1 round of beer, that I believe was bought by one of the parents after the game on Friday night. They did not have any drinks at lunch the next day or on the way home with the team. The incident that I assume you were referring to was in the restuarant in the hotel that the team stayed in. The parents and coaches were having dinner and appetizers in the bar area, while the team had the entire dining room area to themselves. You couldn’t even see the coaches from the dining room.Vail, Colorado

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