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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Woman dead in I-70 crashI am a FedEx Freight employee that did not know her but she was definitely part of my family and this saddens me like it were part of my immediate family. Drivers I know knew her and talked very highly of her, so I know this could not have been her fault. The article sounded like it was her speed that caused it. The FedEx family knows that they only hire the best drivers, in which I believe she was. God rest her soul. My prayers go out to her family and also the poor driver who was on the phone with her at the time who had to hear the horrific crash and hear her last breath. That will rest heavy on him the rest of his life. Here she was trying to warn him of the slippery conditions and so I hardly think she was speeding. God Bless all FedEx drivers for the job they do, and God help us at FedEx Freight so that we may get over this tragedy that we will never forget. God bless her husband, children and grandchildren forever. Re: Wisdom from the WebMexico is very wealthy. Mexico’s rich families dislike paying taxes, so basically there are none. As such, there are almost non-existent welfare services. America keeps pumping in tax money to help. Mexico is corrupt. It does not reach the people it is supposed to help.Last, American taxpayers pay for free health clinics in Mexico, but not here. We pay for ambulances to transport critical patients across our border, but not here.This is not charity, which begins at home. It is tax money. Our money and Mexico needs the concept of tough love handed to her. Only then will she do what is right. Exporting her poor, living off our cash money as the highest source of her income isn’t going to work anymore.No more. Americans are through with our friend Fox and his corrupt but beautiful country full of kind people HE NEEDS to care for. Not us. Not America.Revolt Mexicans – against your corrupt government.And yes, I read the entire Pew Hispanic Report. A bleeding heart batch of hogwash.Re: What I want for sportsmasukkahGreetings from Kingston, Wisconsin, population 288! Wish we could afford a trip to that posh locale but will have to live with our vicarious thrill – the Ian Cropp sports updates! What a fabulous writer you are. Your fans in rural Wisconsin, Blair (and the Reif men)Re: Families seek better lifeWouldn’t Elena being doing her family a great favor by learning to speak English herself?Re: Sex offender pleads guilty; faces 16 yearsTOO LENIENT! This is WRONG!Re: Wisdom from the WebThe report goes on to say that: “Policies aimed at reducing migration pressures by improving economic conditions in Mexico may also need to address factors (there) such as wages, job quality, long-term prospects and perceptions of opportunity.” Well, duh!Duh? Is this articulate response supposed to imply that the USA must address these factors in MEXICO? We can see what unions do for us here in at home (NY City Transit strike). “Wages and job quality” are all relative; just consider cost of living differences and wages across the USA.As for “long term prospects,” how can anyone, or any government,” do anything to ensure anyone’s long-term prospects? What makes you think anyone is entitled to such guarantees? I established and run my own business. My long-term prospects are as uncertain as those of any entrepreneur! We must all deal with this uncertainty. (It’s part of the package that comes with freedom and liberty.)And WTF are “perceptions of opportunity”? Whose perception? Here in America we make our own opportunity! Mexico must do the same. The corruption of the Fox administration must end. This is not to suggest Mexico should establish a welfare state, far from it! Eliminating the graft and corruption will go a long way toward helping the people of Mexico. The USA cannot do that for them, and our current illegal immigration policies only serve to alleviate the pressure for change in Mexico.The commentator then states, “Faced with the challenges of unresponsive big government at home along with hungry mouths to feed, wouldn’t you do the same?”No! I would do what I am doing, which is run my own business right here at home. But if I were to choose to move to a different country to pursue work, I would do so legally.Once again, the issue is NOT about “anti-immigration vs. pro-immigration,” but rather illegal immigration. There’s a huge difference. By definition, illegal immigration is breaking the law; legal immigration is not. Addressing the problem of illegal immigration is not an attempt to “smear Hispanics.”Why is this so difficult for some people to comprehend? Unfortunately, the only person that can help correct your distorted perceptions is you.Re: Letters to the editorIn response to Mr. Schmidt’s statement, “If someone is legally qualified to carry a gun, concealed or not, then it should be so.”Mr. Schmidt, the only qualification for someone to bear arms in the USA is to be a CITIZEN of the USA. This is guaranteed by the Constitution.Mr. Schmidt then argues, “These licenses that purportedly defy the Constitution are created so that ex-cons are not running around with AK-47s underneath their clothes.”Hellooo? Mr. Schmidt seems to believe ex-cons will obey this particular law (just not the ones that made them convicts in the first place). What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” do you not comprehend?Mr. Schmidt then commits the same old Feinsteinian error of attempting to discriminate between various firearms without the requisite knowledge of firearms: “Why is it that you need an M-16 or an Uzi or a Howitzer to protect yourself? These guns are so unnecessary that they most certainly should be placed on a strict ban.”First off, a Howitzer is artillery, not a firearm. Secondly, one bullet can kill; poor marksmen require multiple bullets. And finally, the liberal anti-gun movement is not about automatic weapons, or as Mr. Schmidt describes them, “vulgar” weapons. The objective of the liberal anti-gun crowd is to eliminate the 2nd Amendment altogether. Their strategy to achieve this objective is to nibble away at the Constitution one gun at a time. …Re: Memories of the mineIt was a lead and zinc mine, not moly – Dave Hinrichs, project manager, Viacom cleanup operations.Vail Colorado

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