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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Letters to the editorIntelligent design and truth? Surely you jest.The assertion that “objective moral values exist ONLY if God exists” is a fallacy. Moral dilemmas are debated by first-year philosophy students. Mitchell must have flunked.To defend his position, Mitchell uses an example: “Is it all right to mutilate babies for entertainment? Every reasonable person will say no.” But this argument defeats his purpose because if, as he states, “Every reasonable person will say no,” then there is no need for God, just reasonable people.Mitchell must be very young. He says, “We know that objective moral values do exist. Therefore God must exist.” This is circular reasoning or begging the question (again, Philosophy 101).EX.Pat: “God must exist.”Nat: “How do you know.”Pat: “Because the Bible says so.”Nat: “Why should I believe the Bible?”Pat: “Because the Bible was written by God.”Re: A classic liberalGerry Sandberg seems to think the USA should attempt to finance all of Mexico’s problems. Such lighthearted naivete leads one to forget that the entire country of Mexico runs on corruption and that its own leadership is helpless to do anything about it. That same sort of naivete misleads many to believe the rest of Sandberg’s drivel about Iraq. Never mind the fact that our administration’s plan is working, that Iraq has now held THREE democratic elections. Never mind that it was actually the United Nations (not the USA) that insisted on continuing to send weapons inspectors into Iraq to search for the elusive WMD (the WMD that some dimwits try to claim do not exist and that Bush lied about). Never mind that multiple international intelligence sources, including the U.N. Security Council, all corroborated U.S. Intelligence regarding the matter. Never mind that you have no clue, you have a right to your opinion no matter how dangerously wrong it may be.Just close your mind to the harsh realities of the world, sip your Kool-Aide, and dream of new ways to send other people’s money to despots and tyrants and terrorists, oh my! Re: Battle for a broom closet This new county administrator is a real piece of work. He wants to make it harder to have business at the airport. Don’t you wish you had Jack Ingstad back now?Re: Wisdom from the WebTo Latinos who come to America with hope, I say that there are many or even more Americans who appreciate the work you do, the dreams you have and the culture you bring.Those of us who have not forgotten our immigrant roots find it not much of a stretch to empathize with the current wave.Illegal immigration is one result of governmental ineptitude both here and back in the home country, intractable class disparity and national and international economics and trade issues. Further contributing to the dissension in America over “illegals” is the fact that our system for immigration and citizenship is inadequate and antiquated.My dream is that someday all Latinos will be paid fairly for an honest day’s work. What if “illegals” were employed legally here, via a streamlined system? A system that would allow them to meet their family’s needs, pay taxes and thus contribute to the economies of both countries.Re: Legalizing marijuana is no big deal to someMarijuana should be legalized. It’s much less dangerous than alcohol, and its medicinal properties are phenomenal. Hopefully, legalization will have a snowball effect, so let the revolution begin. Re: Woman dead in I-70 crashI am the daughter of the wonderful women (Colleen Jones) that passed away in the Fed Ex accident. I want to say thank you ALL so very much for your prayers and comments. They are of great comfort to me and my family. I don’t know who the person is that my momma swerved to miss, but I want them to know that they are in my prayers, also. My father and I know that this has got to be so hard for them, too. If I could ever say anything to them it would be this: If my momma gave her life to spare yours, can you please make sure that you are doing the best that you can to live a godly life. I have no ill feeling toward you. Things happen for a reason. She was the most wonderful and fun person you could of ever known. She will be greatly missed, and thank you again for all the prayers. Re: Real estate still soaringIt is truly amazing that so many people want to live in Eagle County! So many people do that it has truly become just another suburb in Colorado. It is not unlike any place in the Denver metropolitan area other than having places to ski nearby. And a majority of the Denver metro residents own property here to get away from the same thing they came from. Go figure that one out!Vail, Colorado

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