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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Lindstrom’s bid for governor beginsLindstrom running for governor is a joke. This is a simple publicity stunt. He doesn’t have a chance and he knows it. He has been horrible as a state representative. What would make anyone vote for him in a higher office? Re: Derek Dennison, 1982-2005I had the honor of working with D. for a couple of seasons at the Beaver Creek Ice Rink. D. was an amazing guy, with a big heart and a GREAT sense of humor! My thoughts and prayers go out to Derek’s mom and dad, and to Ellis as well. We loved D., and we’ll miss him! Jason Ernst Re: Gravity, meet Robert McKendry IIIGood luck, Rob!Longboard Vail!Slider Re: Wisdom from the WebIf Vail is such a great place to live, then why do they say you have to learn to “survive” here? That is the point, living here for the middle class is basically survival. Maybe that is why so many longtime locals are moving along elsewhere. Re: Woman dead in I-70 crashPeace and prayers be with you daughter, your father, and the rest of your family! God is watching over you.Re: Only two ask for relief from subdivision banThat’s terrific. Do we have a ban or don’t we? Or is it, who you know, not what you know? Another reason for home rule or just a new bunch of commissioners. Re: Sex: Who cares and why?My best friend is gay. I’m female. He pulled me through my divorce, and we’ve been there for each other every day for 4-1/2 years. We don’t care how the other makes love with a man. We’re just happy being friends, and we can’t understand the reason a human being has to be denied love and a family because of what is done behind closed doors. If anybody’s looking to see what’s done in a bedroom, they’re looking too close! We wholeheartedly approve of your column, common sense, and understanding heart. Thank you for saying it so eloquently. Re: TipslineI read all kinds of stories/articles where environmetalists are complaining about this and that, but it alway leaves a negative feeeling in me, because these environmentalists never have a solution for the problem they are complaining about other that stop what you are doing. Maybe if they used some of thier own energy and resources to solve the problem instaed of just complaining, then more problems would get resloved. Or is complaining just how they make money?Re: Legal hiring through shameGood for them. Shame on the businesses who exploit and cheat. Re: TipslineI was in Vail yesterday, weather was nice, sun was out, and then I saw some tourist standing on Bridge Street by Pepi’s in his stocking feet. Poor guy had cold feet from skiing all day and was warming them up on the new heated streets. Then I felt the street and yes the heat was on. On a sunny day with no snow to be melted. I thought was this for snow melt? Way to go, Vail, waste those tax dollars and contribute to global warming. Having built many homes in the valley with snowmelted driveways, I know from this that the snowmelt should be controlled via sensors – “on” when it is snowing, and “off” when it is warm and sunny. Re: The Mexican DreamThis is a good example of Mexican people who want to improve their lives. Many Mexican people are like Enrique. CONGRATULATIONS!Re: Letters to the editorIf the public was honestly and truthfully informed about the harmful effects of second-hand smoke, there would be fewer no-smoking laws in this country.Smoke from a handful of crushed leaves and some paper that is mixed with the air of a decently ventilated venue is harmful to your health? If anybody believes that, then I have I bridge I would like to sell them.There has never been a single study showing that exposure to the low levels of smoke found in bars and restaurants with decent modern ventilation and filtration systems kills or harms anyone.As to the annoyance of smoking, a compromise between smokers and non-smokers can be reached, through setting a quality standard and the use of modern ventilation technology.Air ventilation can easily create a comfortable environment that removes not just passive smoke, but also and especially the potentially serious contaminants that are independent from smoking.Thomas LapradeThunder Bay, OntarioRe: Only two ask for relief from subdivision banRunyon practically promised to give 84 Lumber an exemption and then turned around and denied it. You just can’t trust Runyon or Menconi to keep their word. You may not always like Tom Stone, but at least you can trust him to say what he means and he means what he says. Home rule will just have us paying for more boneheads like Runyon and Menconi. Vote no on home rule and send a message to those two that we don’t need more politicians that we can’t trust. Re: Ban would snuff out smoking on ski liftsHeil Menconi! Next thing you know, the county will pass a law so that Runyon and Menconi can ask you at any time for your papers or be thrown out of the soon to be “People’s Republic of Eagle County.”Re: Legal hiring through shameI find this to be interesting–all the bleeding heart stories keep running here–so where are the other side stories? Often they are AP too…”California City Council Votes to Enforce Immigration Laws, Protester Arrested””On orders of Police Chief John Hensley, officers dragged a resisting Tezcalipoca outside. Tezcalipoca, also known as Benito Acosta, was arrested for investigation of disrupting an assembly and obstructing an arresting officer, police said. Before the meeting, activists massed outside, singing in Spanish and carrying hand-painted signs reading “Nobody Is Illegal” and (Mayor Allan) “Mansoor Is a Bigot.”http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,180584,00.htmlRe: Secondhand legislationThis is what Menconi has been complaining that he couldn’t get done for four years until he became the Chairman. Mighty important work. If this is at the top of his agenda, I can’t wait until we get to those lower priority items. Heck, he might decide to come to work at the County on a regular basis!Vail, Colorado

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