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Wisdom from the Web at www.vaildaily.com

Vail Daily staff report
Vail, CO, Colorado

We each can help ourselves

This comment replies to a Vail Daily editorial about personal responsibility to help combat the recession.

I have personally been basking in the lack of whining by businesses who “can’t find employees who” (will accept the offered low wage). Funny how the macroeconomy has fixed our “I can’t find employees problem.”


Brakes on bailouts

This comment replies to a Vail Daily editorial about conditions that ought to be placed on federal bailouts of automakers and others:

Hiring second-rate CEOs won’t fix anything. I think that you want the brightest and the best at the helm of these companies right now, and that means you have to pay them well or they will go elsewhere. Given their companies’ recent performance, I think it is reasonable that these guys should not get the same bonus they received in 2006, but we still need them around. It is true that some of these CEOs should move on, but a lot of them are very talented and need to stay in place. No one saw this coming. If we fired everyone who is partially responsible for this meltdown, there would be millions of people laid off, such as homeowners, tons of bank employees and almost all of our elected officials. I think that we can collectively agree that we all misjudged what was going on. We shouldn’t be pointing fingers right now but rather trying to work together to find a solution.


Ever Vail

We don’t need Ever Vail. I don’t care if it is green. There aren’t places to live for all these new employees. Rents are already ridiculously high because of high demand. People are having to pay $2,400 a month for a one bedroom with a loft. Making $8 to $12 an hour, you can’t afford this. No more construction without 100 percent affordable rental-residential units for all employees.


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