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Wisdom from the Web: Eagle’s best bet

Compiled by Vail Daily staff

The debate over Eagle River Station, a commercial and residential proposed for the western edge of town, continues to heat up. The project is making its way through the town of Eagle’s review process, but plenty of residents and business owners are taking it upon themselves to research and review the project, too.

A recent letter to the editor, “Eagle project is not a ‘mall'” by Eagle resident Frances Rolater argued that the development has been inaccurately and unfairly described by local media and opponents. The letter spurred a discussion on Vaildaily.com about just exactly what Eagle River Station is, whether it will benefit the town and what, if anything, Eagle really needs.

The best model of us to follow would be Basalt and Carbondale- both small towns with total charm. Whole Foods is moving to Willits, but that is THE big box. Everyone would like one here (other than City Market) They aren’t coming however, since the land price is too high. Basalt and Carbondale’s main streets are not on the highway either, but their small town charm, tenant mix and lack of sprawling super stores is what gets them the 5 star rating. They have fought big boxes and have won. Hope they keep fighting just like us.


Eagle River Station is a mall ” it’s a mall without a roof ” it’s really a “pretty” strip center, but strip centers and lifestyle centers have a lot gray area ” i.e. parking spaces. UGLY and 581 apartments ” four stories? YIKES!


I guess I am just older than Frances. When I grew up, there were no enclosed “malls” and any outdoor shopping center (now we call them strip malls) was considered a mall. So perhaps we should call this a strip mall. That makes it sound so tacky, doesn’t? Does Eagle want a strip mall that is multi-stories tall? Interesting thought. But perhaps if we put the old style name to it and call it a strip mall, it will put a more accurate and less appealing spin on the entire development.


Regardless of the definition, this project will end up nothing more than half empty spaces. The developers themselves admit that they will not build the housing since there is no money in it.

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