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Wisdom from the Web: Get on the bus

Compiled by Vail Daily staff

Just what would it take to get more people to ride the ECO Transit buses?

That’s the question Eagle County leaders are trying to answer as they ponder the idea of eliminating bus fares for the county’s buses. The story “Would you ride Eagle County’s bus for free?” listed a phone number residents can call to provide feedback on the idea. The number, by the way, is 328-3565. Some of our readers were happy to provide their thoughts on VailDaily.com.

I wondered right off the bat where the money would come from as the system is already cash-strapped … Second, if a new tax hike is passed by voters, then who will verify that each person age 18 or older who boards these buses is a lawful resident here, for illegal aliens are not allowed by law to use any public aid-type local, state or county taxpayer funded services and that would include county buses.


Some of us have to drive our cars due to the nature of our jobs … e.g. construction or sales. This stupid system of Arn forcing us to do what he thinks we should do would punish us. Get out of the way, Arn.

Lucy Spiller

Oh brother, dedw. You would take this discussion straight to immigration. I just think he (Arn) has his economics turned completely upside down.

If gas goes up, there will be a financial incentive for people to pay a fare and ride the bus, why eliminate it? It would be exactly the wrong move to eliminate fares when ECO would be paying more for fuel itself! If I lived in Eagle and had to commute upvalley, I would take the bus because it is a cheaper alternative.


How would the bus be free when it would all be on the backs of taxpayers? It would only be free to people who don’t pay taxes, and extremely cheap for people who pay nearly nothing in taxes.


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