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Wisdom from the Web: Money, money, money

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Our story about the impact “527” groups are having on the race between state house candidates Ali Hasan and Christine Scanlan prompted a debate on Vaildaily.com.

Hasan has spent $190,000 of his own money in the race, which is more than any candidate for a state representative position. Scanlan has spent only a fraction of that amount in the race, but a 527 group called Accountability for Colorado has started an ad campaign on her behalf. Hasan predicts that he will be outspent in the end when 527 spending is factored in.

As a note, candidates have no influence over whether 527 groups spend money for them or against them.

I take it from the prominent advertising and the tone of this article that the Daily is supporting Hasan. If Hasan has raised $191,793.85 of which $190,843.85 is his own, how can it be claimed that Scanlan is lazy for only raising $30,950? Who is this guy anyway?


Wait a second ” doesn’t it say up there that the candidates have no effect on 527 spending? Wouldn’t that mean that neither Scanlan nor Hasan have any influence on who the 527s support? OK, assuming that, wouldn’t that mean that some outside parties agree with Scanlan enough to support her, while no one (but Hasan’s mom and dad) agrees with Mr. Hasan? My parents like me, too, but they don’t have buckets of cash.


Giocatore, tell me you are so naive as to think the candidates have no effect on 527 spending. Of course they do. I think Ali Hasan should be commended for his selflessness in running for office.

Many people his age, and with his money, would be off wasting their lives in fruitless and decadent pursuits. Instead, he is taking all this flak from jealous people who only see the money, and the not the very sincere and dedicated person behind it.

Lucy Spiller

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