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Wisdom from the Web: Public education, public debate

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Public schools: succeeding or not? Overfunded or going broke? Stewards of the taxpayer? Or …

If there’s one thing certain, it’s that there are plenty of Vaildaily.com readers who are concerned about our local public schools. Click on our story, “Vail Valley school closures possible” on http://www.vaildaily.com and you’ll find pages of web comments.

At first, web commenters offered their advice to the school district, which is having a harder time justifying the cost of keeping Meadow Mountain Elementary and Minturn Middle schools open in spite of declining enrollments.

Consider these comments that were some of the first to be posted to the story online:

“Yeah, send a special “thanks” to the parents who, when they fled the district to start Stone Creek Charter School … have almost guaranteed the disappearance of a wonderful community school in Eagle-Vail.”

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“Bus these students upvalley. And do it as other states do, charge the parents $500 a semester for school bus service or there are no buses for their kids.”


One commenter questioned whether it was fair to close the two schools in question for low enrollments given the student population at another school.

“Oh, that explains Red Canyon High School and its brand-new building. Red Canyon served 102 students according to the 2007 CSAP reports.”


The conversation quickly turned into a larger, philosophical discussion of how our local schools are doing. The article brought out regular critics of the school district, who argue the district has used taxpayer money irresponsibly. But most agreed that good local schools are imperative to the Vail Valley.

“The fact is this, I do not say we are undertaxed for our schools. But I will not say we are overtaxed either. Strong schools are a key component of a strong community.”


“I believe no diferently than you, I want my children and yours to have a proper education in a safe environment. I’m not adverse to paying for such. Proximity, very important especially when there are little ones on the bus. We are truly in an economically unique area, but I prefer not to be held hostage by education taxation. We pay, and pay well our district. I’d prefer they utilize what they have already recieved and pay attention to the economy. This is not ant and grasshopper syndrome! This is life in our valley.”


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