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Wisdom from the Web: Sage advice

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Who knew Vaildaily.com’s readership was so helpful? From real estate buying tips to grammatical corrections, the web commenters on our Web site are full of advice. Consider this comment to the letter to the editor “Still noisy in East Vail”:

This issue always makes me laugh. The simple solution is don’t buy in East Vail. You moved there and had to have known about the noise levels. If you didn’t do your research, then you deserve the noise. When we purchased property we avoided East Vail for that one reason.


One reader had some advice for the Minturn Town Council, which recently cracked down on a local resident for violating the town’s nuisance law. The reader urged the councilors to do a little self-reflection:

If you want someone to follow, lead by example. If you can’t see where you are going, look down and see WHO you are walking on to get there. Maybe the council needs to examine themselves first, and then work with the community to set a precedent that would work within Minturn.

worker bee2008

Web commenters also like to do each other the favor of editing and correcting each other’s misspellings and grammatical errors. The comment was made to a letter to the editor titled “What does the G.O.P believe?”

Mr. Soul,

You misspelled “DEFINATELY.” How to spell definitely: The correct spelling is definitely. Not definately. Not definatly. Not definantly. Not definetly. Not definently …

By pointing this out, I am greatly adding to the quality of this dialogue!


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