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Wisdom from the Web: The wrong parking solution

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Vail CO, Colorado

News that Vail leaders are planning to raise parking fees this winter didn’t sit well with a few of our readers. Some considered the idea downright insulting to local residents. Consider these comments that were posted to the article “Vail looks to hike parking fees” on Vaildaily.com.

Anyway, did Rob De Luca really say “I don’t see us getting any benefit from downvalley anyway”? That is truly an unbelievable statment. Who does he think runs the lifts, teaches the kids to ski, works at Pazzo’s,and every other retail establishment? All Vail residents? I don’t think so.

As a downvalley resident working in Vail I will seriously consider transferring to Beaver Creek where I can park free and have a shorter commute.


Rob De Luca must really be stupid to have said that. Let’s hear Rob’s plan for how he’s going to house all the resort workers within the town of Vail. I suppose Rob dosen’t believe that many who work in Vail live downvalley. And I hope Rob dosen’t miss my business, nor that of the wealthy visitors I work with in ski school. Perhaps the Vail Town Council will have the wisdom to think twice about eliminating parking discounts for all the down valley residents who drive to Vail to shop, work, and recreate.


This is truly ludicrous. What’s causing the overflow is all the construction parking, and they are going to hit the tourists and the locals with these outrageous prices?

Lucy Spiller

So it’s official. Parking is more expensive than skiing and Vail merchants have no use for middle-class downvalley peons who clutter up the place. The ski pass is essentially free and the skiing is incidental. Unless you are spending big bucks on the whole Disneyland package, you really aren’t welcome.


These are the kinds of ideas that come forth when stupid people leave their TV set’s for public office.


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