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Wisdom from the Web: To tax or not to tax?

Compiled by Vail Daily Staff

That is the question these days, isn’t it?

In the past month, the Eagle County commissioners have suggested placing a tax on lift tickets to raise funds for road improvements, forest work and housing, and have publicly considered raising sales taxes to make the county bus system free. Some web commenters wondered aloud if there is anything the commissioners won’t consider taxing. (Re: “Eagle Co. commissioner floats ski tax”)

Let’s see how the liberals at Vail Resorts responds to this tax. It affects their pocketbooks now. Any bets on whether they are hypocrites or not? I bet they will oppose this ” not in their back yard! Tax some other group!

This should be fun to watch.


Earlier this week, on my way to a meeting in Breckenridge, I was caught up in the traffic snarl that resulted from that fatal crash on I-70. I knew it had to be bad and though I really did not want to see anything that was going to ruin my day, I could not help but gawk to try and see the crash.

Reading this article reminded me of that feeling of looking at a car crash. It is almost as if Runyon has become a caricature of himself with this bad idea.


There is so much manipulation of details in an effort to raise funds for roads. What’s wrong with a toll booth coming into the Colorado mountains, from the east and west? The damage to the roads, in addition to the weather, is from the users of the road, not from the skiers. I’m not suggesting that we lock down Interstate 70. Nor do we extort so much money from drivers that they detour. But, just a “buck” from each driver who uses I-70 into, and out of the mountains, will do a lot to fund repairs and maintenance, and perhaps develop a surplus for the future …


Peter was also in favor of the child-care tax. He went ahead and spent the money anyway and ignored the voters. So now he wants to tax fun! He wants to tax our children for them to have fun skiing. Are there really people out there that believe that this guy should be elected to tax us to death? Oh yeah. Ron Wolfe does.


If you think taxation of items you purchase doesn’t affect your price as a consumer, think again. There is no such thing as a free lunch. That includes lift tickets, housing, and public transportation.

Lucy Spiller

If ski passes are taxed, then perhaps bicycles should be taxed as well for road maintenance funds, as there seem to be a fair number that chose the road over the bike path. In addition, licensing those riding on the highways would make the cyclists that run stop signs, etc. accountable for their disregard for the rules of the road, by giving a person a license plate number to report to the authorities !!


I would gladly pay a registration rate similar to my car based on the value of my $2,500 bike. What would that be? Like $9? Seems fair since the wear and tear I cause is many, many, many times less than that caused by a motor vehicle. So if you want to place that tax, I for one will be happy to pay it if it will help you find your happy place in sharing the road with other legal users.


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