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Wisdom from Web: Dem sweep, offended veteran

Vail Daily staff
Vail, CO, Colorado

What Dem sweep means

In response to an Our View about the Democrats’ near sweep of the the election results in Eagle County, from president to county commissioner, here’s what one viewer had to say:

The majority of voters chose Dem down the line because they don’t care to know the issues. They knew about Obama and McCain, that’s it.

I seriously doubt the Dems won in this county due to voter awareness. They rode in on Obama’s coattails, nothing more.


A veteran’s outrage

A letter expressing outrage about a column by Nick Fickling that had a reference to a skier risking the East Vail Chutes vs. a soldier being sent to war had a fair number of comments. The letter writer, Buddy Sims, demanded an apology. Here are a few of the comments:

Whether or not this war is ill conceived, I believe most of our wars are ill conceived. Some are not. I agree that this one is. But there is a difference between dying in a sporting accident and dying in the line of duty. And when you sign up for the military, you sign up to risk dying in the line of duty.

I honor those folks that take the risk. On the other hand, I simply feel sorry for the people that get injured or die in a sporting event. I just believe it is not honoring to those serving in the military to compare the two.


I think that no apology is owed. I too have friends and family in Iraq and they agree that this war is the direct result of poor judgment and lies. They choose to help keep us safe no matter what, but even the troops know this war is poorly conceived and based on lies. Give people (troops included) around you more credit, Mr. Sims, and the right to their opinions.


Did I miss something?

“The soldier dies for someone else’s poor judgment.”

Then Buddy agrees by saying, “The president decides when and where we go to war.”

I don’t see the insult to the troops. They are following orders. Is Buddy upset because the writer questions the judgment of the chickenhawks in the White House that invaded Iraq?

Is it a disagreement about politics? By the way, according to our Constitution, only Congress can declare war. I noticed that some of our volunteers didn’t have the right to serve with their feet and become civilians. I think they called it “stop-loss” when a soldier’s tour ended and they were sent back to Iraq anyway.

I find it sad that you feel that some one has to be a “combat veteran” to disagree with Bush/Cheney. I have a DD214. Does that mean I can have an opinion? Or must I do something else to qualify?


I agree as a mom of a solider who’s now back in Iraq. I believe you owe an apology.


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