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Wisdom from Web: Pricey parking space, hunter kills dog

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Parking space on sale for $500,000Tuesdays story about Buzzs Boards owner Buzz Schleper putting up a parking space at Founders Garage in Vail Village for half a million dollars had this comment:Hmmm, $500,000 for a parking space. Let’s assume that I stopped riding the free bus and decided to drive in. Since parking in the summer is free, that leaves 148 days during the ski season when I would have to pay to park. If I paid $25 every time I parked during ski season, it would take me 135 years to break even. …. KingKrabbyHunter shoots dog up Lake CreekThe coverage of the dog shot recently up Lake Creek by a hunter who said he feared for his life and now faces misdemeanor criminal charges for the act has had many comments. Here is a sampling: Lee wouldnt hurt anyone or anything. Lee is a kind, gentle and honest human being. His dogs are his best friends. Its unfortunate that people form opinions and are so crude without knowing the entire story. Lee would never ever shoot a dog unless he felt his life was threatened. End of the story. Its an unfortunate accident!Lees sisterinlaw One simple fact here, as all who knew Crowely and know Dave are sure to confirm, this was not an aggressive, ill-tempered or wild dog. The first and only rule of hunting and gun safety is never point your weapon at anything unless you intend to … not just shoot, but kill it. You are taught this rule the moment you pick up your first BB gun and attend hunters safety courses, which Im positive the state of Colorado requires in order to obtain a hunting license. Obviously, there is more to this story than Lees account will ever include, which is unfortunate. As a hunter, conservationist and backcountry trail user myself … Im appalled at his actions, words and lack of personal attention to the matter after the event. Not only should this individual lose his ability to hunt in Colorado, but a possible ban from hunting on all U.S. public lands is in order. We can have the right people in U.S. F&G be involved if needed!kelroy256 Dave, I am so sorry for your loss. I cant even wrap my brain around this..My two dogs, one boxer and one sweet black lab, are like my children. I would do anything for them. Unfortunately, the punishment of this sad individual will not bring Crowley back, but I hope it brings you some closure and healing. We all support you and hope that, for all our sakes, this gets prosecuted to the full extent of the law. KaraT More of Eagle County riding the busMondays story about how more people are riding ECO Transit buses, run by Eagle County, inspired these comments:I am not so sure if the concept of ECO bus as a regional provider is a good idea.Ideally, there should be one bus company in the Eagle Valley which provides a service for the residents and tourists which makes sense. In my opinion, we are quite far away from that right now.More studies and dreams of a regional train and even a bullet train to Denver wont help the current situation.We need a lot better bus system in the Valley right now. And that should be possible if all the towns and Eagle County work together. But maybe that is the major problem.mountainmarkus I still drive to Vail to ski. Myself and four friends in a car 25 dollars to park, 30 dollars if we all take the bus from River Run, 5 short miles for six bucks return. Well continue driving.workingman

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