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Wisdom: Funding advice for Vail

Compiled by Vail Daily staffVail CO, Colorado

I can save you money(Refer to Vail funding woes no crisis)I know where you can trim $1.3 million! Cancel the Seibert fountain project. Boy, that was easy. If the city council would like me to go over the rest of their bad spending projects feel free to contact me through the paper. Jon SilverI can save you money(Refer to The least fortunate among us) It is estimated that a good performing actor Will Work for Food type person can reel in upwards of $500 cash a day if they work hard. Not bad money!hm123Daily gets a miss(Refer to Hits & Misses)I devote a lot of time to volunteering at my childs school in a variety of ways. I did consider running for school board but there were a several personal considerations that made this not the right time for me … The miss that people just complain is insulting. Most people do not want to run for school board because of the current climate of ripping people to shreds in the press.jlingle

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