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Wisdom: Good riddance to chair 5

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

You don’t know noise

(Refer to the letter to the editor titled “Riverwalk noise”)

Riverwalk residents, quit complaining! I live beside the interstate in Dowd Junction. Truck brakes are a real noise.


Mountain improvements

(Refer to “Will Vail rev up ride on Chair 5?”)

Vail should build a gondola across the entire top ridge of Vail Mountain. And trams from Two Elk and the top of (chair) 5 to Belle’s Camp. There should also be a tunnel from Vail Village to the bottom of (chair) 36/37 with a moving walkway and window shopping. How about a high-speed quad for the Lionshead kiddie area?


Another idea

(Refer to “Will Vail rev up ride on Chair 5?”)

Can we put horns on the chairs also so we can vent if the lift stops when some yahoo falls off? We already have the sirens and flashing lights on a constant basis on the cats and snowmobiles.


Modern thing to do

(Refer to “Will Vail rev up ride on Chair 5?”)

Replacing chair 5 is the most logical thing that Vail can do as well as adding a new high-speed chair to the top of Game Creek. Vail has been dragging their feet in recent years in regard to lift upgrades, and chair 17 needs to be upgraded also.

For those who like the slow lifts, ski at Monarch, Taos or any of those places that think it’s 30 years ago.

Tom Clancy

Supports Vail raise

(Refer to “Vote no on Vail’s construction tax”)

I like some of these points, but the criticism of the raise is just silly. These councilors are effectively paid nothing for their time.

I’d support paying councilors $100,000 a year if it meant that more motivated and qualified candidates would step forward in result. Same goes for county commissioners. Quality people expect to be compensated well for their time. Hoping for romantic idealists is ultimately futile.

Even worse is when unaccomplished candidates who yearn for power run for office.


Highway 6 widening

(Refer to “Cyclists getting more room on Highway 6”)

About time! Should have been done 15 years ago as preparation for all of the explosive growth.

long timer

Great work

(Refer to “Cyclists getting more room on Highway 6”)

Thanks Eagle County and CDOT!


Price alert

(Refer to “Vail Mountain menus go organic”)

“Natural meats.” Is that another way of saying bend over, because the price of a hamburger is going to be 15 bucks this season?

Jon Silver

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