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Wisdom: Groom under Vail’s Chair 10

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Need to start grooming

Re: “Vail’s chair 10: ‘Greatest thing ever”

Now the grooming crew needs to alternate grooming on each of the three trails under chair 10 once a week, not just Blue Ox once a week.

With the increased skier traffic the bumps will wear out much faster as a result of the chair, but with a good grooming plan it will work out great.

Tom Clancy

Poor can’t live here

Re: “A real housing emergency”

It would be useful to review “It’s a Wonderful Life” ” in particular the scene with Mr. Potter: “It’s those people who do most of the working and living and dying in this town ” is it too much to ask that they have a couple of rooms and a bath to live and die in?”

The free market is what got Happy Valley to where it is. How do you think it’s going so far? You can continue to let the market decide, in which case the problem will get worse until the economy collapses.

What is interesting is that a community that can support home prices as high as HV, and enough jewelry and fur and designer everything boutiques but still requires a Wal-Mart and Costco.

The good news is that the rich don’t have so see the poor anymore because the poor cannot afford to live there anymore.


Good job, plows

Re: “Making new tracks in Eagle County”

Having moved here from New England, the plows do a great job in comparison. I’ve never seen more than a few inches of snow on the roads ” a far cry from roading my truck through a foot-and-a-half in Maine.

Keep it up.


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