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Wisdom: How young are Young Republicans?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

You call that young?

I thought the Young Republican paintball story was bizarre at best.

First of all, describing a bunch of middle-aged people as “young” highlights one of the problems with the Republican party.

That paintball article just played into the stereotype of Republicans.


Don’t get it

I have always had tremendous respect for you, Don Rogers … I just do not understand your obsession with defending Mr. Menconi’s record.

I concede that the reasons for recalling the commissioner are shallow, but you seem to miss the point that these mavericks are trying to make.


I-70 accident

To the family of the young man struck, my deepest heartfelt sympathies. To those of you taking this opportunity to complain about the traffic, consider this, the person driving the semi was probably in a big hurry, too. What’s more important, complaining about traffic or taking extra time to get home safely …


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