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Wisdom: Is $18M too much for Vail’s bus stop?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: “Vail greenlights $18M bus hub”

This project is absurd. If I lived in Vail, I would be really angry about this project ” $20 million for a bus stop? If Eagle County funds any of this, I am going to start a personal crusade to recall the Board of County Commissioners. There is a transit center in Vail already, why would county money go to fund another one just to save the town some cash? Ridiculous!


Re: “Vail greenlights $18M bus hub”

Thank you to Margaret, Farrow and Kim for having the courage to stand up for the long term vision of your town. This was a huge investment in the future of a community, and plenty of long-time locals stand up behind the decision! Even $20 million is a drop in the bucket for our future. Foley and Cleveland should be ashamed for cow towing to the whiny part-time neighbors, sticking their head in the sand and not supporting the towns long-term plans.

Katz has no business telling the town what the long-term plans should be. VR execs will come and go just like they always have, while we are all still here trying to make a living.


Re: “Vail greenlights $18M bus hub”

Is this real?

What is a $20 million bus stop? I cannot even imagine what could make it that expensive.

Does Eagle County not have better things to spend that money on? Or maybe to hold and reduce our tax burden? What gives, Eagle County? You act like a great saint for spending $500,000 to look at roundabouts in Edwards, but you are going to spend six times that on a bus stop in Vail? Typical.


Re: “Vail greenlights $18M bus hub”

It’s a shame the town of Vail and Vail Resorts can’t get along.

“We need to think more on transit, mass transit ” not building more parking spaces,” said Farrow Hitt, a councilman.

Farrow, did you forget about the Epic Pass? I realize Vail is bitter with VR for the Epic Pass and making the parking problem fall on the town, but how will this ever help? Do you think our destination guests are going to take mass transit to come ski?


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