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Wisdom: Is Vail getting greedier?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Greedy people

(Refer to the “Still no deal for VR’s employee housing”)

This is about lining each other’s pockets. Nothing to do about the care or concern of this area and the lack of housing for employees or even affordable housing. I am sure the originators of this town are so disgusted with what has happened to this area. Greed breeds greed and that is all Vail has become. We will continue to see the downward spiral of service in this town.

This town is becoming as snotty and exclusive as Aspen. I thought Vail was a community about the people … NOT!


Yes on Ludacris

(Refer to the Wisdom from the Web “Ludacris doesn’t belong”)

That is the problem with this valley, most everyone believes only their opinion matters and to hell with everyone else.

Well I was born and raised here, I am not a transplant and I think it is wonderful that that Vail recognizes the diversity of the valley and is bringing a talented young artist, specifically Ludacris. If you don’t like him, don’t go. I won’t be at any of the other concerts, not because they aren’t talented, but because they aren’t my cup of tea.

Good for you Vail, for the wonderful lineup for SnowDaze.


I like Ludacris

(Refer to the Wisdom from the Web “Ludacris doesn’t belong”)

All I know about Ludacris is that moronic FOX “News” talking head Bill O’Reilly hates him, and that Ludacris makes fun of Bill O’Reilly, so that gets my instant admiration and support for Ludacris.


Logo suggestion

(Refer to “Re-imagining Eagle County”)

The county wants a new logo to “attract employers that will help sustain the county’s endangered middle class.” My suggestion for a logo is a picture of of the three commissioners with a diagonal line through it.

The policies of this board have been so outrageously anti-business that the new logo will clearly articulate their collective view of free enterprise.


Leaving Vail

(Refer to “Housing keeping Eagle Co. kids from home?”)

I left reluctantly some years ago. I come back at least once a year but I’d never want to live in Vail again. My hometown went way, way, way too corporate for my taste. I remember when locals with kids lived in the village. It’s possible to find paradise outside of our little valley.


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