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Wisdom: Keep Wolcott as it is

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: “Oprah’s doing it, why not you?”

Americans definitely need to cut way down on beef and have vegetarian meals on a regular basis, but going completely vegan is unnecessary and unhealthy. It’s funny when you veggies get on your highhorses. You sound like cult members. Just remember that. NLC


Re: “No to toxic waste in Minturn

Wait until those yes people start to complain about traffic and such. I will remind them how they voted and to deal with it. Thanks for your last response on April 4, 2008. I just think that when most people see a lot of money they can be persuaded. You do not even know half of the story about what money can do to people’s ethics. The majority of Mintunites saw dollar signs and could not read the facts of the ordinances.

frank lorenti

Re: “Wisdom in Wolcott”

We never learn and will keep destroying more and more of Colorado. Yes, let’s develop it all without thought to what’s destroyed, a quiet way of life a place for wild life to thrive. Soon we will be just like the Front Range traffic and people and crime, but the developers I don’t think even care, they just keep sugar coating everything, making it sound like such a wonderful thing. Say goodbye, to Wolcott folks!


Re: “Vail’s Testwuide (J.P.) becomes DU captain”

This is a big deal. For decades Denver University had no Americans on their team. For someone from Colorado to be selected is outstanding and a significant accomplishment.


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