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Wisdom: Lack of workforce a ‘severe crisis’

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Who cares about Aspen?

(Refer to “Blues Traveler will kick off free concerts”)

Sure let us know what great acts go there, but ridicule the Vail organizers to clean up the act!


Gun laws are thorough

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(Refer to “Colorado’s armed are out in the open”)

To obtain a concealed weapons permit in Eagle County is not “relatively simple.” First you must attend and pay for an all-day safety class, then you must pay for fingerprints, a background check and photographs. Upon passing these necessary and important requirements, the sheriff can issue you the permit. It is a well thought-out and thorough process.


Solve two problems at once

(Refer to “More affordable units, fewer second homes?”)

Affordable housing is a problem in most resort towns. In Vail we have two problems, affordable housing and noise from I-70. If we build affordable housing over I-70, we could solve both problems at the same time. In fact, we could have miles and miles of affordable housing and a safe area for wildlife to cross I-70.


Making workforce problems worse

(Refer to the Daily Editorial, “Freedom to fill jobs”)

The current situation with the H-2B visa problem further demonstrates that we have a severe crisis in this county with regards to a workforce. And it will continue to get worse. So, let’s build a million-square-foot commercial/retail center in Eagle that will need 2,200 employees. Yeah, right.


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