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Wisdom: Leave Vail’s Timber Ridge to town

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Keep developers out

Re: “Builder pushes Vail to sell Timber Ridge”

This is typical… get the town to give up the easy-to-build part of the property for less than the town paid for it. Give him the Lionshead parking garage property so he can build for sale condominiums and make a fortune off the deal. We give up everything to these developers. The Vail Resorts actions in the Arrabelle fiasco should have illuminated to the elected decision makers that these guys change the deal to suit themselves as they go along.

The Town of Vail should do these projects with public bonds and take the developer profit out of the equation. ..


Pleading the fifth

Re: “Support Vail skier’s family”

So if the parent is named as a defendant, how does the application of the fifth amendment work if he is a witness?

The whole thing is sad. My sympathies to the Swimms. I hope this whole ordeal does not discourage your child from skiing.


Someone is responsible

Re: “Support Vail skier’s family”

Here’s the scenario: Little boy takes parent’s car and collides with another car causing injury. Or, little boy skis out of control and causes an injury. Is there a difference? Not really, but someone needs to be held responsible for pain and suffering or causing an accident and that’s just the way it is. There are penalties in life for being reckless, regardless of age.

I’m sure that everyone of you who think this is a ridiculous lawsuit would be singing a different tune if it happened to you or someone you loved. So spare me. I came out of pocket several thousands of dollars after a snowboarder hit my wife breaking her leg, then skied off.

Sorry, folks, I have no sympathy for reckless behavior.


Someone is responsible

Re: “Support Vail skier’s family”

I hope you’re not on this kid’s jury. I haven’t seen evidence that he was “reckless.” Furthermore, this is NOT like a kid taking his parents’ car ” which is a criminal offense. If you have children, make sure they ski on a leash so you can prevent this sort of “reckless” behavior from resulting in a crash “and lawsuit. And the comment that someone has to pay is further evidence of the mentality that has led to America’s litigious society.

Yes, when there is gross negligence and reckless behavior the courts can be a place to seek remedy. But obviously the Colorado legislature saw the possibility for so many lawsuits as to put the industry out of business they passed the Skiers Safety Act, but of course that protects the operators, not the users.

And no, I would not be singing a different tune if it happened to a friend or loved one. It has happened to someone near and dear to me. He was almost killed in a skiing collision. He will never ski again and he lost some of the use of his arm. He didn’t sue. It was an accident. Pure and simple. An accident. AND he’s a lawyer.


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