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Wisdom: Ludacris doesn’t belong in Vail

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Bring back bus service

(Refer to “Avon bus battle frustrates driver”)

It’s a bunch of bull.

The two reasons given for stopping the bus service to Buffalo Ridge are: 1) It was bankrupting the town. (Please, no laughing, that is what the mayor said.) Apparently the buses can make it up Swift Gulch Road to the bus maintenance facility but that extra quarter of a mile is just too costly. 2) The town does not want to “subsidize” Traer Creek development, yet the town of Avon rents apartments at Buffalo Ridge to house employees of the town. Isn’t that a subsidy?

How ironic that the town’s employees can’t use their own bus service to go back and forth to work.


Ludacris doesn’t belong

(Refer to “Discounted Vail Snow Daze tickets ending”)

Skip it!

With all the violence, death, and drama in the news, I say pay for Ziggy and Social Distortion, but skip Ludacris. This gangbanger has no place in our resorts.


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