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Wisdom: More high-speed lifts, please

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Health care costs

Health insurance for a family of four runs around $1,200 a month. My family can either rent a home or have health insurance. Not both.


Obey the limit

(Refer to “Menconi: I will not speed again.”)

What a hypocrite! Don’t lower the speed limit, just obey the current speed limit!

Mr. President

Don’t eat and drive

(Refer to the letter to the editor titled “The cell phone hazard.”)

When they outlaw drive-up windows at fast food restaurants then I’ll agree with a law regarding cell phone use while driving. Eating a Big Mac and fishing for french fries between your crotch while driving down the road is far more dangerous that talking on a cell phone. Try eating a Subway sandwich or a taco from Taco Bell while driving.

Tom Clancy

Better lifts, better skiing

(Refer to “High-speed lifts in Sun Down Bowl?”)

I love the idea of high-speed quads in the Sun Up/Sun Down area. I don’t ski this area on a regular basis because of the long lines that usually exist. The 70 to 80-year-old age group was quoted in the article and I guess that they enjoy freezing to death in horribly long lines.

Vail Skier

Heavenly, man

(Refer to “High-speed lifts in Sun Down Bowl?”)

A Vista Bahn to the top? Now you’re talking!

A high-speed chair 5? My prayers have been answered!

Another high speed to Game Creek from the bottom of the Sun Down Bowl? This must be heaven, man!

Jon Silver

Learning experience

(Refer to the letter to the editor titled “Keep the fair fun.”)

Betty Neal ” as you said, the Menconi Recall petitioners have a legal right to be there. Furthermore, the kids might learn something about civic duty in America. What kind of parental role model condemns democracy in action?


You’re all wrong

(Refer to “Racism revealed.”)

The issue is not about race, even though there are people on both sides who raise the race cards. This issue is about people crossing the border into our country without being screened. I will admit the majority are simply here for a better life. However, these hard-working people must not simply jump a fence or swim a river to get here. There are laws to control immigration for a reason.


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