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Wisdom: Night road work works

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

TAP and teachers

(Refer to “TAP is why we’re leaving”)

Reading this article brought tears to my eyes. Chad spelled it out so well. The teachers work so hard and we are constantly being told it is not enough by our flat test scores, mediocre evaluations, and our miniscule payouts.

So many things about TAP and the way the district is implementing it is mind-boggling. It was so poorly thought out and thrown together without logic. Unreal. Thank you for letting the public know.


Night road work works

(Refer to the Tipsline titled “Construction not at fault”)

Elsewhere across the nation disruptive highway construction is performed at night, not during the busiest traffic hours.

This summer’s I-70 construction has been a major disruption to our local economy for far too long. I thought work between Edwards and Avon was finished, but earlier this week, at 2 p.m. about a dozen construction trucks and other equipment were parked along the I-70 median just east of Edwards.


Legal immigrants’ view

(Refer to the letter titled “Citizenship isn’t owed”)

Yeah Kelly! My spouse is a legal immigrant who had to jump through many many hoops to achieve citizenship.

There are numerous sad stories of split families of legal immigrants that go unreported as these people strive to become citizens.


Can’t support Paul

(Refer to the letter titled “Paul wins straw polls”)

I respect Ron Paul and his Libertarian ideals, however, I cannot support a candidate who refuses to acknowledge the global threat of radical Islam, or one who fails to understand that we must take the battle to their turf rather than waiting for them to bring it to ours.

Curly Joe

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