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Wisdom: No excuses for Eagle’s traffic

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Wrong way

(Refer to “Board responsible for all kids”)

Building a special building for the charter when the options have not all been considered is negligent. I am all for the charter having its needs met, but the Board of Education and the charter officials are definitely going about it in the wrong way.

Vail Reader

History repeating

(Refer to the Wisdom from the Web, “Socialists or fascists?”)

Yes, “liberalism is really socialism” but our children are not taught history of this sort in school, hence the 20-something teachers who themselves do not know this to teach this. History repeats itself. Too bad that “repeat” is deadly. To people, to the economy, to this country.


Eagle traffic

(Refer to the letter to the editor titled “Traffic jam in Eagle”)

The previous two postings offer no solution to Eagle’s traffic, just more rhetoric. It is the responsibility for the mayor and town trustees to fix a problem that the Town of Eagle caused ” i.e., the annexation of Eagle Ranch without a workable traffic plan. Annexing more residential won’t fix it. In fact, there are no viable solutions other than building a new interchange in west Eagle, not east Eagle, as proposed.



(Refer to the blog on http://www.vaildaily.com/BLOG titled “Immigrants and the way it is”)

I would ask the supporters of illegal aliens what do you tell the millions of immigrants waiting in other countries who want to come here legally? Just because we share a common border that they can wade across to get here does not give them the automatic right to American citizenship.


Doctors leaving

(Refer to “Rocky Mountains will get more crowded”)

Affordable housing is only one challenge Eagle County faces with the migration of boomers to the mountains. What about health care? We do not have the doctors or other health care professionals here to support aging boomers. The migration of doctors is out of the valley, not into it and it’s not because of the housing issue.


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